First of all..
That was on October 1st, 2012. This trip was already planned from few months before. Trip to mysterious Nepal, full of secrets and surprises. Our main goal was to cross the Annapurna mountain range on the way to achieve the highest Mountain Pass, learn about the culture, people, morals, lifestyle and stories.  Our journey lasted for 1 month, during which we managed to learn a little bit about India, as our route starts and ends in Delhi.
What we saw and felt gives new emotions and energy on us, which will follow us for a long time, but is calling back with indescribable magnetic force. I can confidently say that Nepale is completely a different world, where you are cut from reality, unite with miracle called “nature” and feel the real harmony. This is very hard to describe all these with simple words, but will try to present everything possible, what we saw, what felt like, got some impressions, etc. The road was long, my story too, but I hope that at least mentally i will take you with us to inspired and enjoyable days bring endless horizons surrounded by a Garden of Eden …And so we went. Direction Himalayas!
Day 1: Dawn in Delhi
Day changed, after the long flight finally we reached the place. It was still night time, the streets were empty, but we could imagine that our trip was going to be full of surprises. The first symptoms of this was the air. There was unique bad smell. People were slipping on the street. On the first day  we got very important and interesting information from the hotel workers: alcohol is prohibited on the street! Even ordered Indian beer workers brought to the hotel room wrapped in some cloths.That was not a bad beer, we drink, talk a bit and decided to have a little sleep, relax. In about 2-3 hours of sleeping we went out to walk around the city and we saw the real Delhi. The smell in the air was stronger, there was no place to walk in the streets: people, machines, tuk-tuks and a lot of rubbish Everything was terribly dirty. Everybody was in a hurry, a lot of offers for taxi, a lot of people selling something.
After long searching we found a restaurant that looked normal and the most important thing was clear. We tried the local pancake, I don’t know what that was, but it was very tasty. Variety of sauces were serve with him, all of them had interesting tastes. And all this together was called Masala Dosa. It was good!
We walked a little, had cold coffee and decided to go back to the hotel, it was very hot and the air was humid and dusty
In the evening we went out for a little walk. Everything around was decorated with colored lights commercials. Market was opened. You could find here anything you need: clothes, henna, gifts. Everyone is forced to buy something. In fact, it was Indira Gandhi‘s birthday on that day!
Day 2: The way to Nepal
It was early morning that the car came to take us from the hotel. We put our baggage on it and went. It took around 2 hours to get out from Delhi. It was pretty great, with different quarters, but even the best district had the same terrible smell and the same people in every corner of the street. Here the traffic is unpredictable, noisy and dangerous.
We were already very tired of sitting in the car for a few hours, but we did not pass even half way. Around 7am we reached the border. Fulfilled all the necessary documents and our Nepali permission was ready in a few minutesBorder seems was not for only the country, but the air was different. Smell was gone! There was dramatically different nature, there were jungles, mountainous areas, small waterfalls. It was very pretty. The encountered trash on the streets also was much less!
Around 7pm in the evening we reached Katmandu. It was a fairly large city, but  as it was already dark, we couldn’t see anything. We found a comfortable hotel and settled down. It was time to have a bath after 36 hours of dusty way. But everything was just beginning …
Day 4: Kathmandu
Today was a very important day for us, we should get trekking permission. Here it is mandatory. It’s needed for climbing to even the smallest peak and have to check out on special posts on your way. After breakfast we went to the tourist center and fulfilled all the necessary documents, paid the fee and went out. The permission was supposed to be ready in 2 hours. But when we arrived, we were told that we would need another paper and we had only 3 minutes to get it as the office was already getting closed.We filled all papers very quickly, provided another pictures for permissions and here we are!!! We got our TIMS cards and now everything was ready to start the trek.
Day 5: Besisahar
The next morning, at 6am the car came. We had to get to Besisahar where was the first check point, we had to check out there. The road was long, about 6-7 hours, but we did not realize how we reached the place. The nature was simply like a miracle. There were forested mountains, palms and bamboo, great fields of rice.
The place we reached was totally different than Katmandu. People were smiling, all children greet us and were happy to pose to all who wish to take pictures with them.
As soon as we arrive, first of all we found a hotel and registered in check point. We had eaten nothing all day and were very hungry. We ordered food and went to walk in the city.

The next day w had some 5 hours of way on a car, then several hours of walking. We need a good sleep to get a strength for the next day.
Day 6: Chamche, Tal
At about 7am we moved from Besisahar to Chamche Here nature is simply a miracle. All around were high mountains, which were fully covered by forests and giant waterfalls. There was a large river flowing below, water was very clean, even in some places the stones could be counted. On the river there were built hanging bridges. In about 5 hours later we arrived to Chamche. So here we began to meet with other tourists, who usually comes to about 20,000 in this season, and this year they were more than 80,000.
We took our hard backpacks and started to walked for next 2 hours.I n the short term every footstep nature shows us its surprises which was full with indescribable pretty scenes, mountains, rocks, gorges, rivers and waterfalls. Finally we reached Tal, which was 1700 meters above sea level. That was a small village with colored hotels, where people live and work in the same time. Locals were very friendly and greet.The hotel we settled had a beautiful view of the river Marsyangdi. The hotel itself also called “River View Hotel”. There were 2 big waterfall on edge of the village, which were falling down from the top of the high mountain. They were close to each other, but very different. One of them was thin but the other was very strong and plenty. This waterfall was approximately equal to the height of a 15 floor building height. 
What a pleasure it was to listen to the song of the river together with dragonflies, which was like a symphony created by nature.
This was the life …Day 7: Bagarchap
After we wake up in the early morning we had a delicious apple cake with mint tea and started to walk at 10am. At the beginning the path was light and full of waterfalls, one of which we had to pass and were completely wet, but it was terribly hot and the water was just what we need at that moment. On the way we met tourists, who were also first time in Nepal like us.
It was terribly hot, the road seemed endless. Everyone was tired. We reached Darapani, but we decided to go ahead a little more. The next village was Bagarchap and we decided to stay here. In the evening after dinner we enjoyed the guitar music and sang songs. The owner of this guest house also stayed with us and enjoyed for him strange, but seems nice songs.

Day 8: Chame
Today we had a long and difficult way to pass. The road passes through the Jungle. On the half way up we saw a high snowy summit which, as we discovered later, was high mount Manaslu with 8163 meters height.
The road passes through the village Koto where was the next check point. 

The menu was almost the same everywhere: variety of rice, potatoes, soups and momo. After we had our lunch, in1 hour we reached Chame, a relatively big village..
We walked for about 5 hours today, but rather complex ways. Everyone was tired and went to sleep as soon as we arrived and when we woke up, we had a bad surprise. It was heavy rain coming outside until late night. 

Day 9: Pisang
In the morning the dogs began to bark and woke us up. The sky slowly brightens. The view from the window was like a miracle, beyond there was one of the snowy peaks of Nepal, which was shining under the first drop-down sun rays. There was no rain coming anymore and even ground patches were dry and the sky was clear and blue. But it was pretty cold. We slowly move to cold places …Today’s journey was long and difficult. There were less and less vegetation and waterfalls now. When we have already passed the half way we reached coniferous forests, where the air was quite different. We walked 2 hours in the trails through the woods until we reached Lower Pisang. Upper Pisange was located a little up. Our next destination was Manang where we had to be on the next day. It was supposed to be long day with 6 hours walking…

Day 10: Manang
Today’s journey was long, but not hard. Mostly straight route was full of tourists from different places of the world. As much as we go up the nature changes. No more forests anymore, only trees could be met sometimes. In around 6 hours of walking we reached Manang.It was only 4pm but already cold and windy. The view was amazing. From here 3 peaks of Annapurna (2,4,3) together with Gangapurna were seen.

Today we stayed Manang. We had to pass an acclimatization, but none of the members of the group stayed here. We were divided into several groups. Our Russian friends decided to go to the “Ice Lake”, which was about 4 hours away from here. Here next to Manang there was another lake, which was called Gangapurna lake. In order to see the that lake, you should climb up a little and only after you will have an incredible view of snowy mountain ranges up to the sky, and below a blue lake with waves shining in the sun.
I saw the lake, when I was climbing to one of several view points in Manang. But, as it later turned out, it was not the view point, but Lama’s “Residence”. You had to take off your shoes while entered. Lama said something in their language, put a colored threads woven into a rope to my neck, blessed and wished me good luck. We stayed there for 1 hour, sat in the yard. It seemed that we are under heaven, and the whole world was in front of us. As we found out later from the locals,  Lama’s “residence” has at 4200 m altitude. That was my next highest point after Aragatz but we had some other higher peaks in front of us, which has yet to come.
By that time Gor decided to climb the mountain in front as high as possible.We were awaiting his return with impatience as Annapurna itself is very dangerous, and if you make a careless movement you can slide down. A few hours later Gor returned back. He was very tired. but also very happy. He had climbed up to the nearest available peak. 
We tried to find out from the locals what peak it was, but no one was able to explain clearly. They said in  half-joke that if there is no a thick layer of snow on top of the mountain, so it does not have a name.We have taken the map and began to explore the nearby peaks. As we can understood from the map exploring the area, that was an anonymous peak with 6970 m altitude. That was really serious height and was a new record for Gor. Congratulations!

It was the third day that we are in Manang. We were enjoying the nice view and calm day in the place where even you can find internet! There was a small lake below from the mountain Gor had climb up yesterday. That was Gangapurna, it was the same lake, which was visible from the road to Lama. The water was falling to the lake from the giant glacier of Gangapurna. Lake didn’t have reflection, the color was blue with milk-white complexion. Waves were playing with the wind and were shining under the sun.
Day 13: Thorong Pedi
Today was the 8th day of our trekking. We started our trek at 9am and were supposed to have a rest in Letdar. But after we realized that there were only 2 hotels there which were already full, we had to continue our way up to the next destination – Torong Pedi which was in 2-3 hours way from Letdar. We all were already tired, but had no choice. Slowly we moved forward. Finally we reached Thorong Pedi. Now we were on 4540 m height. We were lucky here as there were few rooms available to stay in. This was not a village as we stayed before. This was more look like a camp where were met hundred of tourists from all over the world. Everyone had high mood. There was no free table in dinner room: The room was filled with people discussing their trips with each other, sharing impressions and expectations.
Day 14: High Camp
The next place where we need to stop before Torong La Pass was High Camp. It was 1 hour way from Thorong Pedi. It was just 1 hour, but it was too hard way we were constantly climbing. High Camp is located on 4850 m  from sea level 4850 m, the area was like the Mars planet, all 4 sides were only rocks and red ground, sometimes seen hided snowy peaks.There were a lot of people there, all were going to go to Thorong La Pass on dawn as we. The atmosphere was lively in High Camp than in Thorong Pedi. Perhaps the reason was that in a few hours all the participants will arrive at the peak of their trek.  Long-awaited moment is very close 
Day 15: Thorong La, Muktinath
Everybody was ready for the climbing up to the long-awaited Torong La before the dawn. We started to move 5 am. It was dark outside and in the millions of stars were shining in the sky. People were walking with  torches on their hands. That looked like a long caravan which make this scene very indescribable. It started to became lighter in about 40 minutes. The sun had not yet come out from behind the mountains, but the mountains glow with reddish hue. After walking for about 3 hours already pretty tired, but very happy, we arrived in Torong La. This Pass is the highest in the world, and in old times the silk road also passed through. The height of Torong La is 5416 m. All tourists were very happy getting there, some of them were also crying.
It was almost 8:30 in the morning. We wanted to stay there and enjoy, but the winds are starting early here, so we had to quickly get off the top. The road from here was mostly going down. Was a bit unusual.
Again, after about 4-5 hours of walking we reached Muktinat (3800 m). Everything was different in Muktinat, even people. There were a lot of Indians here and also an Indian temple, around which were gathered “servants” of Shiva. We stopped in a hotel called “Bob Marlene” which had an open air restaurant with modern and retro music sounds. In the evening everybody was drinking, sharing their impressions and congratulating with each others.
Day 16: Kagbeni
According to the plan, we need to move from Muktinatits to Jomsom, but since we had a free day, we decided to stop at another place, which was called Kagbeni. There was nothing interesting during these 2,5 hours way from Muktinat to Kagbeni. The way was like a desert with dry mountains everywhere, almost without vegetation, and the street was full of sand and stone. On this way we could see the pass which was already honored with a layer of snow. 
Kagbeni was a completely different world like a paradise or a small oasis in that dusty desert. While on the other hand it would be wrong to call this village paradise, because people here were saying that it’s a full of black magic! And really, on the streets there were a lot of strange people, skulls, amulets on the doors.. And the reason of these we found out later…
We stopped in a very pleasant hotel where in the evening after dinner the owner of that hotel was telling very interesting things about the history and traditions of Kagbeni. According to the one of these stories , very long time ago there was an old man , named Kagbu Sundi, who was looking for a suitable place for a  meditation. Finally he finds a place where the rivers Kali Gandaki and Muktinat meets and he starts to do a meditation for many years until he dies. After dying in his soul comes out of the clouds and the cloud became black because of the number of his sins. This cloud scrolls above Kagbeni until all sins flow down with the rain and the spirit of man rises up. People say that after the incident some poor people are turning to zombies after death. After that locals begin to break bones of dead people from 2 places (neck and waist), the doors are very low production because of their beliefs, and thus can not stoop zombies enter the house , and finally build a stone statue, the guardian, who must protect their city from zombies.
Traditions in the place were also strange and interesting. For example, if there are more than 3 boys in one family, they always give the 2nd son to the temple and he becomes a monk. All monks live in the same temple, eat and pray together. The same is also for the girls, if there are women monasteries in that place. The only exceptions are children from High Cast families.
One of the strange traditions is that here 2 brothers can marry with 1 girl, but here the wife decides when and with which brother she will live. In this case she will always know who is the father of her child.
After Thorong La we passed from Manang State to Mustang, but here, close to Kagbeni, there is another mystic place called Upper Mustang. This is the forbidden Kingdom in the World, in Tibetan style. Here each village has its own kingdom. But this was not a touristic place and the entrance is closed for visitors, if they don’t have special TIM tickets, which need to be taken in Kathmandu for some amount of money… so, we could only admire on this place from afar.
In the evening we had night walking in this village and tried to feel all strangeness of this place. It’s a pity that was our last night there …
Day 18: Dagardjong
During our last dinner with the owner of the lodge we asked for an advice, where can we go to feel how real Nepali people live, and which will be not a touristic place, something unusual for us. He said that there is a village in few hours of walk, n the way to Jomsom, hidden from visitors. He had a friend there who could help us. We took his phone number and showed on the map how can we reach that place. In the morning we started to walk, passed 3 small villages until we reached Dagardjong. Seems people here were surprised seeing us, as they were not used to have strangers in their village. We found the house where we’re going to stay, and went for a walk inside that village. People were not speaking English here, it was hard to understand each other. The houses weer small and close to each other, so you could move even from one roof to another .. In general village looked like a labyrinth with a lot of apple trees. 
The sunset makes all rocks around red, and the view was adorable … 
We went back to the house where we had to stay in 1 room all together, had a special Nepali dinner with Dal Bhat, tea and went to sleep.
Day 19: Marpha
Our next destination was Jomsom, the next biggest town on our trek, but our way was passing through high and dangerous mountain with a lot of small stones. From the highest place we could see Jomsom but before that there was a big and very old labyrinth build, very simple one, with only one entrance and exit. It looked very powerful.
We were very tired already and as soon as we reach Jomsom, we entered to one restaurant called “Jimmy Hendrix”. This was not a usual name for restaurants or hotels in this places as the most of them were called with Mountains or rivers names.
Jomsom was small but is still a town. Here they even have an airport, which was working every day but only on special hours, when the wind is not very strong! There were 2 banks in Jomsom, a lot of shops for food and wearing. Kali Gandaki river is dividing Jomsom into 2 parts. The left one was more calm and mostly was for local people, but the right part was adapted for tourists and their needs.
We were supposed to stay here this night but decided to go up to next village called Marpha. Checked in a check-post, took clean drinking water and started to walk. It was hard to walk even on easy road, when there is a strong wind with sand blowing into your face and eyes. So after 1,5 hours of fight we reached Marpha. The only dream for us was to find a good hotel and take a shower. After we had a dinner, we again started to play some games and having fun. It was a nice and calm place and we decided to stay here for 1 more day. In the morning we went out and walked around  Marpha.
The view of Marpha was nice. It has a lot of small houses and small paths. There was only 1 general street, where were a lot of shops, where you could buy different Nepali and Tibetan style things. The village itself was small but it had 2 schools. There was also one big building from white stones. As we found later, it was a house of Buddhists. It was almost empty, only in 1 room there were pupils with one teacher …
Almost all hotels here had their own gardens with apple trees and some vegetable plants. I suppose the best thing we tried here was “apple crumble” cake, which was the pride of Marpha!
Day 21: Kalopani
And again we’re on the way. Next destination was Kalopani. 4-5 hours of way was passing through dry uninteresting places, but it has started to change. Already in few times on one side of the road were dry mountains and on the other side it was a forest, mainly with coniferous trees. Again we have some waterfalls falling down from high mountains.
We passed through 3-4 villages, some subtropical jungles. Below near the river there were some kids playing, they look like wild children, like Maugli. 
So finally we are in Kalopani, which was the sanatorium place in this area. With it’s climate and general view it was very similar to Armenian town Dilijan. Here it was a bit cold, but already no wind! Kalopani was surrounded with high green mountains from 4 sides. Behind these green mountains there were high mountains with snow on the top, which had some special red lights on them on sunset. These were Annapurna 1 and Dhaulagiri giants, which are one of the most beauties of Himalayan range. 
Here there were less tourists coming as the most of them were finishing their tour in Jomsom and were flying back to Kathmandu. But we still have a way to go and the next destination was Tatopani.
Day 22: Pokhara
Today we were supposed to go to Tatopany. But that was a long 6-7 hours way of dusty road. We had 2 choices, to walk or to take a bus. And as we were advised not to walk because of not the best and nice way, we decided to take a bus. But there was no direct one to Tatopani. We had to take a bus to Gaza, and after change the car and go further. The owner of the hotel helped us to find a bus. There was only 1 sitting place there, we hardly could insert our backpacks and us. I think, this was one of that “mandatory” adventures, that we should have 🙂 There was Indian music on and almost everybody was singing in this bus.
The way was really dusty. Even from closed windows this dust was coming in and it was very hard to breathe. But the view we could see was adorable with high green mountains and Kali Gandaki river. The road was very narrow and dangerous but we were lucky as the drivers are used to these places and can drive very carefully. In Gaza we changed the bus. The last one was not very different from the previous, the only thing was the the Indian music we had before was live now! Everybody was singing in their own language and we also sang a song in Armenian, after which locals were applauding with open mouths … 🙂
On the way the nature was changing every minute. Again we had banana and coconut palms, bamboo trees and other tropical plants, gorgeous and hidden waterfalls and giant butterflies. The feeling was that we came back to the life! Everything was totally changed in last 2 days!
We had our last checking point in Tatopani, after which we need to go till Beni, where we were supposed to stay. But after some time spent on searching good hotels, we understood that we need to run away from this place soonest. This was just a small and dusty village with nothing interesting to see and to do. We found a taxi, which would drive us directly to Pokhara. The way from Beni to Pokhara was not too long, only 2-2,5 hours but we were already tired spending all day on the way. Me personally, I wanted to sleep, but I was trying to to close my eyes, as I didn’t want to miss any moment on this way. The view was almost the same all the time, but anyway was very beautiful. Mountains became far from each other and the valley opened in front of us. There was the 3rd biggest city in Nepal situated in this valley, called Pokhara. There was a lake an a forest close to the city. The first part of the city was very dusty, but the center was close to the lake and was full of shops and restaurants with great amount of tourists. Life was hyperactive here.
So, here we are, Pokhara! This is the place, from where many of trekkers starts their tours and some of them finish it here, like us. It was full of strangers, who mostly lived and worked there. The place we stayed, in city center, was called Lakeside. It has one main street with a lot of shops and markets, food, trekking and national clothes, souvenirs. The lake called Fewa, there anybody could rent a boat. We also took a boat and went to explore the area. The other side of lake was fully covered by a jungle and we came closer to find some interesting places there. From far it seems to be a simple forest, but when we came closer, we found that thees are very high here and they were connected with Lianas. The plans growing on the ground were strange but interesting, hundred of butterflies were flying over them. Suddenly we heard some noise and something fall down to the water. We looked carefully and saw the group of small monkeys, like makakas, who were not happy with uncalled guests. They were shouting very loudly and when we were too close to their tree, they started to shake it, so all leafs were falling down on us. I think we were lucky that they were not on a coconut tree :))
In the evening we wanted to go somewhere and dance. There were a lot of “Dance clubs” on the main street, but as we discovered later, dancers here were only people who work at that club. Finally we found a “Blues Bar” where we had live music and which was not far from our hotel. The music was really good here. After some time we met new people from Russia, who were in Pokhara for already few years, live and work there. They were paragliding specialists. This was their life here, where the job is what you really enjoy. We spent few hours in that club with our new friends and went to sleep after midnight. This was the first time in last 1 month when we slept so late :)) 
There is a place in Pokhara, which is famous with its beauty and interest. That was a waterfall and a cave which were connected. The cave called Gupteshwor Mahadev had several very hot rooms, with very high humidity. It was adapted for tourists with steps, lights, so people could enter and move inside easily. Just on the entrance there was a statue of Shiva and snakes around it. This cave is one of the oldest and biggest caves in Asia. It is ~5000 y.o. From the last room there was a waterfall seen, which was called Devil’s Fall. The entrance to the waterfall was from the other side. It was small but had special type. The water was falling into the naturally opened holes inside the big stones below.
In the last day we decided to go to the jungle, where we saw monkeys. The only way to reach the jungle was to cross the lake from other side, where houses ends and a lot of small paths started into the jungle. We chose one of them and started to walk inside the forest. This paths were always crossing with others, and each time we were choosing the random one and continue our adventure, of course trying to remember from where we came. Somehow we found a small valley, which was like a view point there, because the view we had was amazing. Whole Pokhara was seen, with the lake and mountains behind, hundred of paraglidists in the air. We came back from this jungle on a smal boat, as one local guy offered to help us. Now nothing can surprise us, not monkeys, not snakes and not any other small or big animal. Now it’s the time to close our backpacks and sleep well as tomorrow we’ll go back to Kathmandu.
Day 29: Kathmandu
It’s time to say good bye to the famous Pokhara and drive back to Kathmandu. The bus will start its way at 7:30am. There were a lot of tourist in the station searching for their buses. Finally we are on the way which seemed to be enless. During 7 hours of driving the view was changing all the time. Valleys became to appear more often, mountains were smaller now. Kathmandu was a different world. Streets were too durty and dusty, with a lot of people in a hurry and also monkeys on the streets. There was too much dust so it was not possible to walk without respirators. A lot of motorbikes and rikshas were driving in the streets where people were walking, so no differentiated places for their safety. Here is one of the best places for shopping, where you can have up to 4-5 times discount if you insist. There were even some people coming around and offering stranger a hashish! After long days spent in the mountains on fresh air and undescribable views it was almost not possible to stay here. We were thinking about leaving Kathmandu at soonest, but we still had 2 more days to stay, as our flight was only after 2 days. And the only think we could do now was some shopping of souveniers and walking around …
Day 30: Destination – Delhi
There was a small cafe in front of our hotel in Kathmandu. It was not very big and nice, but there were different type of coffees available. Our last breakfast we spent there with a cup of coffee and cruasans and after took a taxi to the airport, as our flight was at 2pm. Here people can enter the airport only if they show their tickets and passports to security. Here in all checking points queue was separated into 2 parts for men and for women. There was 2 kind of checking in the airport, first was through the security points, second was private checking in special room. When we finally flied, we could see Kathmandu valley from the higher point. It was inside the mountains, and on the horisont there was seen the long and endless Himalayan mountains range, where were a lot of high and snowy mountains. But even from this place we could recognise lovely Annapurna range, which was staying with all her beauty and 4 high peaks. With every turn around of the plane the view was changing and it was possible to see all mountains from different sides. Time passed very quickly and when we saw only big valleys without any mountains, we understood that we’re already in Indian areas. In Delhi the air was covered with a smog…
Our flight back to Yerevan from Delhi was on next morning, so we had to spend some more hours in this place. Again we took a taxi and went to the same places where we were before. On the way we saw some nice but hidden buildings behind the palms. This places could not be compared with the one we had after. It was dirty, noisy and with a lot of strange food sellers outside. But it was interesting to taste these strange food, so we didn’t miss tha chance and bought some. They were very spicy and tasty as all other Indian food, of course! It was already dark. We had our last dinner in Delhi, bought some more souveniers, tried some more strange fruits, did mahendra drowing on our hands and, as we didn’t have place to stay, went back to the airport. We arrived for few hours before our flight and discovered that here also, like Kathmandu, the entrance was possible only with air tickets and passports. But inside the airport everything was different. It was big and clean, more like european airports. After registration we had some sweets and coffee and went to sleep in special rest areas untill our flight is open. We were happy to return back but part of us will always stay in misterious Nepal, who knows, maybe we’ll come back again one day …

Before the end…
This was the longest but the best and full of emotions and adventures trip that we had till now. Each day had its each feelings. Every new day we were expecting new and new things, views, adventures … I will never stop thinking and repeating that Nepal is a different world with totally different culture and kind people. But here the price goes up all the time while going upper. There was no heaters in hostels, the water was heating from a sun batteries, but this was not important for us. Local people were thinking about the nature. Nobody was smoking outside. But there is one thing that is needed to be always remembered. You will need some pictures of you with documents as they can be needed at any time!

By the way, I’d like to mention that during our travel there was a July, 2069!!! 🙂

So, that’s all. Our travel ends with my long story. I hope you were not bored and I could move you at least for a moment to the amazing country called Nepal. Our adventures will be continued, stories as well. So, we’ll see you soon 🙂

I also advise you to find time and watch the movie that we took during our trip here.



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