Lions of Budapest

As you may know, Budapest consists of 2 “separate” cities – Buda and Pest, which are connected by several bridges over Danube river. The most famous from those bridges is The Chain Bridge, which was the first permanent stone-bridge built in the city. Except being famous in Budapest, this 380 meter long and 16 meter … More Lions of Budapest

Walking in Prague

That was many years ago, when I had a business trip to Paris. At that time I wasn’t planning any trip myself, wasn’t thinking of new places to visit next and even couldn’t imagine, that very soon I will have my travel blog, which will be based on my own trips! But during this trip … More Walking in Prague

The Cutest Primate Living in Brazil – Marmoset Monkey

Say hi to this curious Common Marmoset monkey 🐒 which is the funniest creature that you can meet in any park of Rio de Janeiro. Scientific name of this primate is Callithrix jacchus. They’re also known as the White-tufted-ear or Cotton-eared Marmoset because of a white blaze on the forehead and white ear tufts. 🙈You … More The Cutest Primate Living in Brazil – Marmoset Monkey