Sea, Nature, Fun, Georgia

There is a joke that once you start looking like your photo on your passport, it’s time for vacations.

The time came for me as well. Finally long waited vacation, a short one, but still a chance to change the days, run from the city and relax. What were the plans? Nothing special, just sea, beach, relax and whatever comes to the mind. 
The way was long, supposed to be around 11-12 hours by car. We had to cross the Armenian-Georgian border and go to the sea, Black Sea, So we started our way early morning, after 4am, before the sunrise. There are a lot of places in Georgia, where people go to the beach. Most visited places are Ureki with black magnetic sand, Kobuleti or Batumi, the most popular destination for those, who wants to get tanned on a beach, have cultural activities as visiting some museums, zoo, delphinium, have parties at night clubs or just walk on a beautiful boulevard, that has different kind of fountains, statues and parks. The place that we’ve chosen to stop was not very far from Batumi, on the way to Turkish border, called Kvariati. This was a small resort on a Black Sea cost, located in Ajara. After a long and tiring day we reached Kvariati around 6pm, but the day kept a “surprise” for us. During the day the shower rain began and as all our luggage was on the top of the car, they all were under the rain without protection and all our clothes were wet at the end. But this was not going to change our mood as the sea was waiting for us and nothing could stop us.

After we reach the destination, found a hotel, had a light dinner and fall asleep all tired. In the morning the rain was stopped and sun was already shining. From our rooms we had a view to the sea. The color of the water was a bit different than the other days, but that was because of the rain and sand that came up from the bottom of the sea. That was a really great feeling to wake up, look from the window and see how the sea waves were shining under the sun rays. But from our rooms we couldn’t see the size of those waves. We wear up our swimsuits and walk to the sea. Plans were to have breakfast on one of the cafes on the beach and then go inside the water. But all that we could do after breakfast was to play with waves, as they were quite big and dangerous for swimming. There were only few swimmers that were swimming behind the waves. Morning was full of emotions. We all were happy to be on vacation, spending time on the beach, walking on colorful stones mixed with shells and having sun shining instead of heavy rain. The day was spent on the beach playing, reading and ended with a beautiful sunset.

The next day the water was much clear than the day before. It started to get its natural color and even sometimes stones were seen from the water. Almost no waves in the morning, the sea was calm and welcoming us. We all didn’t want to miss a minute and went to the beach to swim, to tan or just relax under the sounds of small waves. The beach was full of people, some of them came early morning to get “the best” places near the water and stay until late. But as the sun starts to burn after 1pm, it’s not recommended to stay under its direct rays and we got back to our hotel. After some rest we get into the car and drive to Batumi, the second largest city in Georgia and the capital of Ajara (Autonomic region in Georgia). Here everything was different. The city is always full of people, the long boulevard was full of different kind of attractions for kids or adults, the small and big boats always wait for passengers in the port for 1 hour tours. Here you can do any kind of activity or just walk along the boulevard, under the trees’ shades or even rent a bicycle to ride.. After some time spent there we continued our day in Tsitsinatela amusement park. This is a big park of attractions around 1 hour drive from Batumi, where you can spend your time starting from 6pm till 1am. In this park everyone can find the attraction that he needs, starting from rooms made only for small kids, fun or fear rooms or even some scary attractions that will make adrenaline jump in your body. This time the only attraction I took was the “Wheel of Fortune”. This was the most simple one, but the view that was opened from the top worth it. It was already dark, all attractions below were shining in colorful lights. A bit far the sea could be hardly seen, but the most beautiful was the reflection of the moon in the water. The moon was not full, but even with the half it could let the white shade on the swaying waves of the sea. But I think not everyone would pay attention on such things being in bright noisy amusement park. If you want to have fun and spend a lot of money, this place is just for you!

Another day passed, morning spent on the beach. What to do next? What can be done, if all around are beaches and small mountains? Of course, hiking! This was not the hardest one, even a small kid could go by this way, as this was actually not a real hiking, but going up by a stony roads, which pass by the natural forests, had small waterfalls, which fall sometimes to the road and made it muddy. But the way we took worth the view we had after. On the highest part of the road we had a gorgeous view to the Kvariati resort on the right side and the sea right in front of us. From this top we had one of the most amazing sunsets during our stay, when the sun was slowly going “inside” the water making the sun burn in red lights. Of course that couldn’t pass without taking pictures of the view and the sunset, also some fun pics. But it was getting dark and we needed to go down. But we didn’t take the same road to go back but continued the way that was ending right near Georgian-Turkish border. The side was full of people, cars, tracks, but what was the most interesting was that on this side of the border there was a christian church built and right on the other side of the border there was a mosque shining in lights.

On the next day we stayed in the resort, no any activity outside was done. The day spent lazy, started with perfect morning on the beach, a relaxing afternoon and quiet evening again on the beach. Every day we had breathtaking sunsets here, one better another. Each day it was delighting with own view, own colors and feelings. This day sun seemed to be very big, going down to the horizon, changing not only the color of the sky but also the water. The waves dancing on the sea got reflections of the sun rays and became also red. What I wanted at that moment? To stop the time and infinitely admire that marvelous sunset. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible. But what was coming after the sunset wasn’t worse. I’m talking about the millions stars that started to shine after the sun disappeared and sky became totally dark. That kind of clear sky with so many bright stars I saw only in mountains, in high altitudes. That was a great feeling to lay down on the stones on the beach, near the water, hear the sound of waves and stargaze… Awesome..

Again morning, view from the balcony, coffee on the beach, swimming, playing, afternoon in the hotel.. What can we do to else? It’s always good to travel by car. You can drive wherever you want at any time. It turns out there is a nice waterfall nearby, in around 30-40 minutes drive from Kvariati. If you are in this area and have a chance, don’t miss it to check out this place. You will see a stunning Makhuntseti waterfall turning into river, on which not very far from the waterfall is built a medieval arch bridge with the same name, made from natural rocky stones. Near the waterfall there is a small restaurant where they serve barbecue from meat or fish. But there are also some pavilions, where you can sit under the roof and eat your own food. There are also some places to sit near the bridge, but adventurous people come here not to eat a barbecue, but to jump from the bridge into the river, that also has a golden sandy riversides. As we didn’t plan to have dinner there, we came back to the resort and went to our beloved cafe-restaurant on the beach, to have a tasty dinner.

What about the food? This is another subject, full of smells and spices. In fact Georgian cousin is very tasty. The most famous and beloved dishes are all kind of khachapuris (baked bread with cheese), mostly the Ajarian khachapuri, meat dishes such as Ojakhuri, Ostri, Chkmeruli, or mushrooms cooked in an oven with cheese. The most famous cheese in Georgia is Suluguni. It’s used a lot in many dishes or just served to eat with bread, which is called “puri” by locals. The menu with local cousin is quite big, but if you’re not a fan of the local food (which is almost not possible), you can always have continental food or simple salads and pizza. In any case everything is tasty here. 
And of course the last day couldn’t let us without another amazing sunset. What can be more relaxing that have a dinner on the beach, in an open air restaurant and admire the sunset, the last sunset of your stay..
And it’s time to leave the resort, to go back home, time was passing, vacation was ending. Got up early morning, packed the luggage. While the others were getting ready, I run to the beach, to say goodbye to the sea, to the colorful stones, to the waves playing with that stones and to the sun, touching the water and the skin. The beach was almost empty. At that early time only few people were there. The sea was so peaceful, so quiet. I walked along the beach for a few minutes, breath the smell of the sea for the last time and went back to the car, that was already ready to start the journey. It was sad to leave the place, but wonders of vacation time didn’t end with this. On the way back we had another amazing place to check, which was in one of the natural preserves of Georgia. The place we visited called Martvili Canyon, which inspired all visitors with its unique waterfalls, canyons and rivers. There were 2 options to spend time in the area: to have a self-trip by special made trails, with special stops on viewpoints (price 5 GEL) or add to all this a 15 minutes trip on a boat with guides (price 10 GEL for boat trip only). As we still had a long way back waiting for us and every minute was in count, we chose the self-trip only. The trails were built between green trees that were all around. Every view point stop was surprising with the view opening from them, such as waterfalls and deep breathtaking canyons. This was incredible place that is must to visit.

But again, it’s time to leave all this beauty and continue the way. The nature all around was green, the roads were surrounded with small and big mountains which were all covered with green trees. Sometimes there were trees that had already golden leafs, showing that the fall is here. Because of the high humidity the climate is close to the subtropical and the Ajarian part of Georgia was full of palm trees and other tropical plants. As closer to the border, as less the green mountains are seen, less forests, more dry valleys. But still the nature in Georgia is wonderful would it be dry or green, sea or mountains..
The vacation was short, but was full of emotions, full of great days lived. It let me forget about the days of week, the date in month, the time of the day.. 
Vacation must be like this, but longer.. Let’s see what kind of vacation will be the next 😉

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