Legends of Gosh Lake

The lake that nowadays calls Gosh, during many centuries has been the hunting area of the kings. It used to be bigger than now and was called “Tzrka”. There are also many legends told about the lake. Some of them I will share with you now.  
There was a time, when people believed that white buffalos live deep in the lake and every time when they come to the surface, the coming year was happy, peaceful and fruitful. These beliefs force people to make all kind of rituals for white buffalos. They brought grass and fruits to the lake to attract the animals and rise to the surface.
Another legend tells about cross-stones that were on the bottom of the lake “Tzrka”. People say, that these cross-stones had mysterious writings on them and when people will be able to read these letters, the lake itself will flow..
Many locals still claim that these letters are hiding the secret of happiness and if someone is able to swim to the bottom of the lake and read them, no doubt he’ll become the happiest man in the world.
The others see the happiness in gold and insist that the writings were about the buried treasures and gold.
But there were also those, who confirmed that the letters were written by the wise men and the ones who would read them, would have the wisdom and prudence.
Who knows what is really hidden on the bottom of the lake Gosh or Tzrka, what could be found or lost while searching for the treasures inside its waters. Better to leave it calm as it is and take care of it, keep it clean and untouched and it will become one of the real treasures of our land, to admire, to wonder, to enjoy.

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