Top 10 of Paradise Beaches

Summer, time for vacations, beaches, relaxing places, dream places.
There are a lot of places in this world to visit, but there are also hundreds of islands (or even island complexes) that can be visited all year long, as the summer and the mood is kept there full year.

Few days ago I heard about one of them by chance, started to dream again and inspired of having my top 10 “collection” of dream places to go. Can’t say which one is the winner, which is on the first place and which on the last. For me all of them are equal, so now I’m presenting them to you. Maybe you’ll find your own favorite one, if you can choose from them of course šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

Pacific Ocean

Bora Bora is a dream island that probably is everyone’s list. Maybe one of the best places for honeymooners. You may spend a day relaxing on the perfect white sanded beaches or do snorkeling, meet the sharks in the coral lagoons, or can do hiking valleys and mountains and catch the best views and best sunsets.

Fiji, a luxury island, where you can have all for memorable holidays, SPA massages, dive into the most beautiful coral world, do jungle trekking through the lush rain-forest with hidden waterfalls, even explore uninhabited islands and lagoons by boat cruises.

If you are a tropical island lover, then you’d also love Cook islands, that’s named after the famous Captain Cook, the man who discovered countless exotic islands in this part of the world. Here life is burning. You can attend night shows, cooking classes, even do shopping or go to church on Sundays. But the best is still a scuba diving or doing nothing on perfect beaches and lagoons.

Indian Ocean

Maldives, an idyllic island with the powdery white beaches, tall palm trees leaning towards the sea and incredible underwater life. Another luxury heaven for romantic holidays. If you like to spend time underwater, there are many activities for each taste, such as diving, submarine ride or even a romantic dinner in underwater restaurant. But what is more exciting is the magical bio-luminescent nights when water starts to shine because of special type of marine plankton that emits a blueish light when agitated.

Zanzibar is a must see destination for all those who wants to discover the diverse beauty and wonders of East Africa. Warm waters are best for scuba diving in colorful coral reefs. Evenings can be spent on shopping, discovering local life. Don’t forget to try food from Stone Food Night Food Market.

Mediterranean Sea

Probably the most unknown place from this list is Nissi beach. But this is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Cyprus, in Ayia Napa, that is called a second Ibiza as of its parties and nightlife. What else can be done here? Of course diving to the bottom of the Mediterranean sea, drive along the Cyprus island and discover all the treasures of this island.

Caribbean Sea

San Andres, an island of Columbia, where you can do sightseeing, bike around the island, find one of the nature wonders of the island, the active geyser or El Hoyo Suplidor. Still snorkeling or diving is a must for Caribbean waters, as well as spending free time one the sun kissed white sandy beaches.

Atlantic Ocean

Aruba is best for national parks and breathtaking beaches, where flamingos live fearless together with human. Explore Oranjestad, a charming capital, find the California lighthouse, walk along Palm beach and do a jeep tour.

The Bahamas is reach with amazing beaches, but except them you may also visit museums, explore national parks and caves, do snorkeling or scuba diving in Thunderball Grotto and have much fun and adventures in every step.

Arraial do Cabo is a beautiful town in Cabo Frio, Brazil with the most wonderful beaches that I’ve ever seen. Yes, I had chance and pleasure to see this beauty and feel it. Crystal clear water, white soft sand. During the day take a ferry that will do a small cruise and show you all the best beaches around. In the evening have a nice walk in the cute city and have the very best sunset of your life that will be stuck in your heart and mind forever. This was another day in paradise.. šŸ˜

After all, I want to open a secret. From this list of dream places I’ve visited only one yet, but stay tuned and soon, very soon you’ll have a new story from another perfect place from above paradises. Which one? That’s still a secret šŸ˜‰

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