Mystery of Kagbeni

Kagbeni can be a real paradise for those who love to feel the mystery.
This is a village in the Upper Mustang of the Himalayas in Nepal, located in the valley of the Kali Gandaki River. From one side this is like a small oasis in that dusty desert, as all around are empty mountains, but the village is all green. But on the other hand it would be wrong to call this village paradise, because people here are saying that it’s full of black magic! The village has small houses on narrow streets, which can spin you like in a labyrinth.

Walking on the streets you will see a lot of strange people, skulls, amulets on the doors.. Thanks to the hotel owner, we learned about some of the traditions and legends of Kagbeni. Here are some of them for you too:

Very long time ago there was an old man, named Kagbu Sundi, who was looking for a suitable place for a  meditation. Finally he found a place where the rivers Kali Gandaki and Muktinat meet and he started to do a meditation for many years until he dies. After dying his soul comes out and goes to the cloud which became black because of the number of his sins. This cloud scrolls above Kagbeni until all sins flow down with the rain and the soul of this man rises up. People say that after this incident some of bad people are turning to zombies after death. As as option of defense, locals began to break bones of dead people from 2 places (neck and waist), started to make doors smaller because of their beliefs that zombies cannot stoop and can not enter the house, and finally they built a stone statue, the guardian, who must protect their city from zombies. Does this help or no, you never know πŸ™‚

Traditions in the place were also strange and interesting.
For example, if there are more than 3 boys born in one family, they always “give” the 2nd son to the temple and he becomes a monk. All monks live in the same temple, eat and pray together.
The same is also for the girls, in case there are women monasteries in that place. The only exceptions are children from High Cast families.

Another strange traditions is that here 2 brothers can marry with 1 girl, but here the wife decides when and with which brother she will live (like first half of the year with first husband, the rest of the year – with another). In this case she will always know who is the father of her child.
The same does not work with women. Two sisters cannot marry with one man as it’s considered that they will always be jealous and fight for more attention..

Who knows what is true or false, what is normal or strange.. Each nation has its own beliefs, legends and traditions. If you know some interesting examples from around the world, share in comments πŸ™‚

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