The Cutest Primate Living in Brazil – Marmoset Monkey

Say hi to this curious Common Marmoset monkey 🐒 which is the funniest creature that you can meet in any park of Rio de Janeiro. Scientific name of this primate is Callithrix jacchus. They’re also known as the White-tufted-ear or Cotton-eared Marmoset because of a white blaze on the forehead and white ear tufts. 🙈You … More The Cutest Primate Living in Brazil – Marmoset Monkey

Where Next?

All of us think about vacations, trips and destinations. But it’s always hard to find the best place that fits all our needs. Every place on this planet deserves our attention, but not everywhere we can find what we look for.  Destinations always change with our preferences, with the company (whether you go with family, … More Where Next?

Rio, I Love You

Rio, cidade maravilhosa as locals call it, the wonderful place where I left my heart.  The city is definitely marvelous, the place that forces your heart beat stronger, the mountains surrounding the city, blue waters of the ocean and golden beaches all over … how is possible to stay indifferently? No way! Especially when you … More Rio, I Love You