Cannonball tree: what is this?

Cannonball tree (Latin name – Couroupita guianensis) is native to the tropical forests of Central and South America. I saw this unusual to me and very beautiful flower in Rio de Janeiro and was amazed with its unique look and smell.

⁉️What you know about this flower? Here are some facts for you 😉

Cannonball (aka Shorea robusta, Sakhua or Shala or Sal tree) is a large, deciduous and tropical tree which performs well in well-drained soils and grows up to 35 m high.

The single Cannonball tree bears 150 eatable fruits and 1000 flowers having a strong scent especially in the morning and at night.

The flowers are zygomorphic, yellow with red or pink measuring 5-6 cm across and 6 cm wide. They are also considered as a symbol of wealth in Asia.

In India, Cannonball tree is regarded as a sacred tree by Hindus.

According to the Buddhist scriptures, it is said that Lord Buddha was born on the shade of Sala Tree.

The plant, juice and extracts of leaves & flowers are used in traditional medicine to cure different diseases such as tooth pain, skin care, cough etc.

Isn’t this awesome?

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