Hello! I came again with some story about our trips, adventures and crazy days. This time about Khustup mount climbing…

This time our way was too long, about 6 hour by car, so we woke up very early morning to be in place in time. That was 5am. We were 7 people in our group this time, 7 crazy persons. We are ready to open new page in our extreme life and we do it as always!
We had heavy enough backpacks with us with all necessary staff we need, like a lot of wearings, sleeping bag, tents, etc. And also we had wine, champagne and cake as will have a birthday to celebrate on mountains!

And we started our journey on 5:30 am and in some long hours, around 1 pm we were in place starting from where we had to walk. This place was very nice village called Baghaburge, which is 3km far from Kapan.
The day was nice, it was hot, but not to much sun, so we could walk relatively easy. On the way there were a lot of trees with tasty fruits like plums, cornel, wild apple, etc. So, if you are lost in Armenian forests you will never die hungry ๐Ÿ™‚

But anyway, the way was very long, we were tired, hungry, thirsty… On the way there was a small house with very hospitable people, who called us to get rest and have lunch with them. We did it with pleasure and had very tasty lunch with special Armenian sour-cream “rezhan”. We had one Japanese guy with us, he tried Armenian home made vodka first time in his life but that was enough for him to “dance” on all the way.
When we finally arrive to our destination point for the first day, it was almost getting dark. we all were very tired. But we were again hungry and need to prepare something to eat. We needed to make fire, but there was no dry wood. Our Japanese friend went to sleep at first (he was not feeling good) and other guys went to find wood.. We prepared something to eat and went to sleep, some in small guesthouse, some in tents. The sky was so clear that you could count all starts. That was amazing scene. I think people living in mountains are the most happy ones in the world, with fresh air, natural food, real friends and nature!

We had hard day onward and we need to sleep well, but it’s not possible when you are with good friends and have a lot of emotions to share. We told some stories, lough a lot and slept all at ones. Wake up call is at 7am!

It’s very hard to wake up so early especially when you had tough day before and you know what is expected for today, which is much and much harder!!!! Climbing to the top will take more energy, It’s far, it’s not easy to go and it’s burning sunny! And as the way is too hard, you will never know what could happen with you, you must be prepared for everything. So we had to take all our staff again with us, in case we need to spend night on top. We had breakfast with tea from fresh mint found in mountains, take our hard staff and we go! Time to time we had to stop, to have rest but this was taking to much time. It was hard for girls to walk with heavy backpacks under burning sun, with not the best conditions.. On the way one of our guys felt bad and couldn’t move on. We stopped hoping that he’ll feel better, but with no result. Some of us (girls) had to come back with him, but the rest of our group, 4 very brave boys continue their way, up to their dream, to the top of beauty Khustup.

What happened after with them, only they knew. But we know the most important, the result. THEY DID IT. They were on the top, they had some wine and they’re back safely! This is the point.
We were waiting for them in the same guesthouse, went to neighbors to have some tea with them. They were very hospitable of course, as all Armenians you could see in all over the world!
Our friends came before it get dark and all were happy. We had dinner at last and let them to have rest.
As I already told you, we had birthday and it was on the next day. We couldn’t wait and started celebration in the midnight! We had stove on our room, we made fire and put some potatoes on it to get fried, we opened champagne, cut cake, get all over the stove and party started! Songs, humors, drinks, toasts and good mood! This is all that we need at that moment and we had very unforgettable midnight party. I think our Japanese guest was shocked! :))) After some hours of fun we went to sleep. Next day we had to come back and we again had to walk some 3-4 hours, but it was expected to be easier, because we’re going to go down.

In the morning we woke up, again had very tasty and healthy fresh mint tea, light breakfast and go. Weather was nice, hard ways were in the past, home is waiting for us. But before we had to go back to Baghaburge where our car was already waiting for us. It was really big joy to see the car, because we all were very tired and wanted to be at home. But this tiredness was not an impediment for us to keep good mood and continue having fun in the car. On the way we stopped in Goris, had some tasty food at friends hotel with some home made vodka and then we continue our way. It was long way home.

We arrived almost midnight but didn’t want to say goodbye, we get used each other so much. It’s one of the best and most important things in your life to spend some days outside, in wild nature, with not so much comfortable conditions.. All real friends are known there. The real friendship doesn’t have limits and borders. … I think WE FOUND THEM. Thanks to everybody for nice memories and keeping our strong friendship.

That’s it for now. Next destination – Nepal, Annapurna range. See you there with some other extremely interesting stories!


  1. Hello Zara, nice story indeed! :)I've already spent a bit more than a year in Armenia. It is a beautiful country. And as I made many friends there I am gonna go back for 2 weeks to see them and to visit some places I did not manage within that year. One of the places should be Mt.Khustup. I just would like to ask. Is the path on the way up somehow marked? And is it accessible even without any climbing equipment, crampons and stuff like that? Thanks. And good luck on your future adventures! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hello Michal, Thanks for your nice words and wishes :)Nice to know that you spent so much time in Armenia and like this beautiful land :)Regarding Mt. Khustup, at that time there were no any marks showing the way, you need to reach the village Baghaburge (3 km far from Kapan) and ask people the right direction to take a path. There is no need of any special climbing equipment or crampons, just hiking equipment will be enough. Would be good if you have with you a tent and a sleeping bag as that it is not a 1 day tour, you will need to overnight on the base of mountain. I wish you a nice journey, enjoy the view from the top of this gorgeous mount! If you'll have any questions, let me know. I will try to give you any information that I have.Good luck!


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