This is Romania !

July, 2012. The hottest season in Romania. I went there for some days and now I want to express my feelings to you and share some experience I had there. I hope you will find my story interesting and will enjoy it. Let’s see if I can take you with me to Romania 🙂

Romania is something different, you can see very old houses and in 50 meters there could be very big modern building, there are like old and new towns, with some very nice architectures but also with awful graffiti .. :/ I went to Bucharest for trainings and workshops, but before starting them I had a WE and we used these days for travelling 🙂

Main destination for the travel was Sibiu, the biggest and most famous touristic city in Romania.
It was interesting to see the conditions how prince Vlad  Dracul lived there, but i was expecting something mystic, may be as anyone who goes there 🙂 People say that there is a night attraction organized during night and this is must see. But we didn’t have time to stay there until night. There was a big area for shopping near the castle and you could find every possible thing with Dracula’s signs. That was something !!!
But before reaching Sibiu there were a lot of places to visit and see. One of them is Sinaia with old Neo-Renaissance castle in the Carpathian Mountains, called Pelesh. The castle hosted some important personalities, from royalty and politicians to artists. It has very nice drawings on the walls from outside, big garden with fountains. There were a lot of mirrors inside the castle, in the rooms and corridors, decorated with Venice glass. From the rooms you could see hidden entrances which were used by kings and queens. But for me it was dark inside…

More relaxing one was the other small castle which was part of Pelesh complex and called Pelishor. Pelishor was more quiet, with simple furniture. Very nice place to stay 🙂 Thanks to King Carol I to build both of this beautiful castles.

After visiting Pelesh and Pelishor, it’s time to see Bran Castle or how people call it – Dracula’s castle. This one is situated near Bran. The fortress is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia, at the bottom of the hill.

Finally we arrived to Sibiu, most favorite touristic place in Romania with famous bridge. The story is interesting, it’s about some boys and girls who before marriage went to this bridge and asked their lovers truth about them like boys will always love their wifes and girls said that they are virgin. But after first wedding night they found that some of girls were not virgin and people  throw down these girls from the bridge to die … that’s the story.

Liars’ Bridge, Sibiu

In about 100km far from Sibiu there is another very nice place – Sighishoara, the most important city in Transilvania with medieval architecture. Prince Vlad Dracul lived in one of houses in Sighishoara. His house is just one of the many attractions here. One of the most representative gothic-style structures in Transylvania is the Church on the Hill – so called because of its location on the School Hill. The church is reached by a covered wooden staircase known as the Scholars’ Stairs, connecting the Citadel Square with the Church on the Hill. Originally, the stairs had 300 steps, but now number is reduced to 175. Once a year, in July, there is Medieval Art festival organized in Sighishoara with costume parades, open-air concerts and medieval ceremonies, etc.


Time to go back to Bucharest, but we still have time on our way and we stopped in Brashov for lunch and other attractions. Brasov is also one of the most visited places in Romania. There is a big church called Black Church, which is the largest gothic church in Romania. Its name comes from damage caused by the big Fire  when flames and smoke blackened its walls. The interior is impressive and well-kept and houses one of the largest organs in Eastern Europe. Organ concerts are held during the summer.

There is an Adventure Park in Brashov where you can have fun with adrenalin. It’s a big complex of attractions where you can use your energy on climbing, crawling, trolley and some other activities. There were different lines with various difficulty levels and even 4 year kids could have their first adventures in this park. For all attractions you have very good safety system used, so no injury can happen with you! This was one of the most memorable adventures I ever had. A lot of fun, a lot of real adventures with high level of adrenalin! I just regret that we didn’t have much time to go through all possible lines…
Adventure Park, Brashov

So, finally we came back to Bucharest, crazy crowded city with a lot of gypsy people. My hotel was close to Revolution square. The square gained worldwide notoriety when TV stations around the globe broadcasted Nicolae Ceausescu’s final moments in power on December 21, 1989. It was here, at the balcony of the former Communist Party Headquarters, that Ceausescu stared in disbelief as the people gathered in the square below turned on him. He fled the angry crowd in his helicopter.

Just next to this square there was Romanian Athenaeum standing. And of course, as many of European countries, there is the Arch of Triumph standing in the big square, to honor the bravery of Romanian soldiers who fought in World War I.

World’s second-largest administrative office building in surface (after the Pentagon) is located in Bucharest. it is famous Parliament Palace, built by Nicolae Ceausescu. The palace has 1100 rooms and four underground levels, including an enormous nuclear bunker.
In Bucharest there is a very big park with a lake, called Herastrau Park, which is nice place to have rest. There is a big valley with roses, sculptures where you can see a lot of people riding bikes. Here you can also have a walk over the lake, take some attractions, rent a boat tour and have nice romantic dinner in the evening enjoying sunset over the lake… amazing!
Herastrau Park, Bucharest

There are a lot of museums in Bucharest with various type of exhibitions, but the one I visited was Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum. That was the largest natural history museum in Romania, including all type of ever existing populations. You could see there dummy exhibits from see, Oceania land animals, skeletons of Mammoths and Dinosaurs, Egypt Mummy, room created as a Cave with real looking stalactites, etc.The museum also contains a beautiful butterfly collection. This is something which you really must see while visiting Bucharest.

Night life in Bucharest is very active. You can see thousands of people going out to have fun and make a party after midnight. There are a lot of terraces in old town when you can have a drink and dance. You can see also some people in these streets who make some funny tricks with parrots, small funny rats, magic cards…

Finally it’s time to go back home, to my Armenia. But I still want to use each second spent there, with sweet people in lovely place. I have my last day, last hours before my flight and again I spent this time outside Bucharest. There is one castle close to Bucharest, called Mogosoaia Palace. . Located in the village of the same name on the shore of Mogosoaia Lake, has traditional Romanian staircase balconies, arcades and columns. Inside the complex, there is also a church, where we saw a Romanian style christening of a little girl. After visiting this castle, which was residence of one of Romanian queens, we left for a lunch to Snagov, close to the lake.

Last nice hours spent in most relaxing place near Bucharest and then we went to the airport. I had to say goodbye to my sweet friends and to hospitable Bucharest but with promise to come back one day. I hope, I believe I will. That’s a promise! See you 🙂

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