Hello summer, hello nature and adventures!!!
And again we’re on the way to Lastiver, the real nature in this world. This place is full of energy, positive and beauty. This time we were 25 people. Most of them were first time in this place, but I’m sure after this day they will come back again and again as we do. Lastiver is like a big natural magnet, which has its amazing colors on each season of the year. Now it was all green and fresh.
Few words about Lastiver and the region.

The way to Lastiver goes through one of the oldest cities of Armenia – Ijevan, in Tavush region. This place used to be called before “Karavansara” which means the place to have rest during long trips. It’s 142km far away from Yerevan and has 730m altitude. This place is famous with its wine factory, university, with several cultural and religious attractions, monasteries. Almost 60% of forests in Armenia is located in this region. After 10 km from Ijevan one of the roads will bring you to the village Enokavan, where we have very peaceful rest house “Apaga”. Here you can spend good organized leisure with horse riding, bike tours, hiking, etc. Starting from here you should walk for 1,5 hours (3km) through the path inside the forest. Around you will see the view with forests and mountains of Miapor range, the highest peak of which is Murghuz mt. (2993m). This mountains are full of legends and mysteries. On this way you will find some of them, like the place of rest of 7 cyclopes who used to live in this area. This is also very good place to sit and have rest after long way of walking.
After this there is the first cave on the way, called “Anapat”, which is just under one of the Devil’s Bridges in Armenia. Before people though that there was an unknown artist living in this cave in 13-14 century, and during his pilgrimage he curved many faces and crosses inside, the meaning of which was wedding. Later on people called him Lastivertsy (means man lived in Lastiver). But after long searches the real sculptor name was found together with the information about carvings. That was a young man who liked to spend time in forests and near rivers with friends. And during one of their trips in 1974 they stayed in that cave and Benik Petrosyan made these unbelievable carvings inside…
Only 5 minutes of walk and here we are, welcome to the fairy tale! The river Khachaghpyur (called also Sarnaghbyur) runs here making the magnificent cascade of waterfall. That is one of the gorgeous waterfalls in Armenia. It’s not big but each drop of water makes it incredible & brave. 
We have few hours to stay here and enjoy the peaceful nature filled with the sound of rapid river and the voice of different birds living here. 
We were hungry. After having lunch we walked up by river to the waterfall. Some people were taking pictures, some of them just sat with closed eyes and were enjoying the music of nature… This is really the place where you can be cut from the reality and appear in another world,,,
After this we had time to play games, to check how strong we are, remember our childhood, get back to the past with funny old games… At the same time our strong guys light a fire, we sat around it and started to discuss the day, the place we are, the feelings we have and impressions. 
Unfortunately the weather was not the best one to go to another cave in this area which is also called Lastiver (the path was too slimy and might be dangerous). This cave also was from 13 century but has another history. During the Tartar-Mongolian invasions this cave served as a hiding place for the village inhabitants. This place was located on vertical rock and was very hard to access by enemies as the only way to go up to the entrance was a special construction that looked like a skiff. 
It was getting cool and there were black clouds in the sky, so we decided to go back and be in place before twilight. It was almost 6pm we took our backpacks and started to walk again. The nature is simply adorable here. There are more that 120 type of plants and trees growing here, you could see a lot of oak trees, linden trees, nuts, some berries. Don’t be surprised if in front of you the fox or rabbit will run away, or even a bear will wait for hunting behind the trees. But the most amazing view is how eagles and hawks are flying in the sky and searching for some food below!
That’s it.. in about 2 hours of not too hard way we were already back to the bus waiting for us in Enokavan. It was still not dark outside as we expected. We change our dirty clothes and boots, had sits in the bus and we’re on the way to Yerevan again.
Every time you go to Lastiver you are being sure again and again that this is not the last time you’re here. And you know for sure you will come back again to be in touch with the nature. It will stay in your mind and will make you feel happy without any negative emotions inside.
Yes, we’ll be back, maybe very soon… I hope 🙂
Be happy and find a harmony with you and nature, as it always gives its love to us. Let’s accept and respect that!

P.S. For the ones who would like to read about our trips to Lastiver in Armenian, please check out here Lastiver

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