Ancient treasures of Rome

When you are traveling somewhere and have long connection between flights, it’s always worth to take the opportunity and visit the city where you are located. This time I was lucky to have a chance to see Rome, one of the oldest places in the world, the city of love. Italy is a country, which must be visited, and it is not limited with Rome only. All Italy is a dream place, but as I had only half day, I had time to see part of Rome only. before the flight I already checked what should I do with my luggage, how to reach the city center, etc. Once everything was done in the airport, I took a bus and in 1h I was in the city center, ready to explore. 

Deposit room is located in T3, cost for 1pcs of luggage is 6 Eur for 24h. Airport bus shuttles and trains will take you to the city center also from T3. Most of them are going to Termini station. Price for train ticket is 8/14Eur, depending on line, price for bus shuttle is starting from 4/8 Eur for 1way/round trip. And you will be in the hearth of Rome max in 1h. You can also find a taxi easily, starting from 50 Eur.

It was end of November, rainy day in Rome, but it didn’t stop me to walk all around. First place, that every tourist is going to visit, is the Colosseum, the ruins of the largest amphitheater of the Roman Empire and in the world. It is built from concrete and stone in 80 AD and was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles. It could hold 50-80.000 people inside. During these long years it was partially ruined because of earthquakes and stone robbers.

Just next to the Colosseum there were located Arch of Constantine and Roman Forum, which was the center of the city’s politics and business and the time.    Unfortunately time that I had was not enough to enter inside the Colosseum or any other place, so I continued my city walk on the street called Via dei Fori Imperiali, passed near the Senate House of Julius, which was just next to the church called Santi Luca e Martina and finally reached the Piazza Venezia, from where there was a great view of a Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland) also known as the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II (National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II), which had pretty impressive structure with several statues, columns and lots of steps taking you there.

While walking through narrow streets of Rome full of orange trees, eating famous ice-cream of Italy, I reached another ancient building of this amazing place, Pantheon, which was located in front of Piazza della Rotunda. Pantheon is also one of the most preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings. The entrance to the main Rotunda is a Vestibule with 8 huge columns in front. And you would never imagine what is waiting for you inside. The interior of the dome was possibly intended to symbolize the arched vault of the heavens. There was a open space in the center of dome, also called oculus (latin name), which is the only natural source of light in the interior together with the door. All walls were decorated with different statues and crosses, located above the tombs. One of them was the tomb of the great artist Raphael.

Finally, the day was over with the view of Spanish Steps, where you could also find most of the famous brand named boutiques. Another famous attraction of Rome that I passed on my way back was Fountain de Trevi, which was under construction, and all covered with reconstruction materials, that was not allowing people to see all the beauty of that huge construction.    My free time was over and it was already time to go back to the airport.  But I was lucky to have the same kind of long connection on my way back. So I again took that opportunity and came back to see more of Rome, which welcomed me with a sunny, warm weather..    This time I went to the side of Vatican City, with an intention to go up to the St. Peter’s Basilica’s chapel, to admire with that beautiful city from there. But again I met an unbelievable long queue of people waiting for the entrance. So I gave up with that idea, and after some time walking in the Piazza S. Pietro, I continued my way.  And here we come, another huge ancient building appeared in front of me. That was Castel Sant’Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel). It was initially built as the Mausoleum of Hadrian (Roman Emperor) and his family.The building was later used by the popes as a fortress and castle, residence and prison, and is now a museum. The Castel was once the tallest building in Rome!  

Once you enter the castle, you will have lots of ways to go and explore the area, with different exposition rooms, showing the life, religion, survival history of the people at the time. The interior of emperor rooms was breathtaking. The ceilings and walls were decorated with different kind of paintings and statues, sometimes made from gold. One of the steps was taking to up the veranda of the castle, from where another incredible view was opened to the colorful ancient city. There was also a secret passage/tunnel connecting the Castel Sant’Angelo with Vatican City, called Passetto!

Rome is also famous with its hundreds bridges over the river Tevere. One of them was just in front of the entrance of the Castel. Crossing it and walking some more I reached the Piazza del Popolo, which was full of mimes, people just resting or having fun. Also from this square there was one of the entrances to the Villa Borghese gardens. This was an amazing place, totally different from the city. It was like a paradise inside a crazy crowded part of world. It was also full of people, but the only thing you could hear there were birds singing. This place was full of small museums, galleries, villas and lakes. In the middle of one of the lakes was built the Temple of Asclepius which was a god of medicine in ancient Greek religion. The Temple was built as a memory of the destroyed ancient temple to the god of Medicine on the Tiber Island.

And again, the day was over and it was time to go back to the airport. Rome is beautiful at any time of the day, any weather, and the last view that I had was a red sunset over this ancient but strong city. I enjoy every minute spent here. I had to left this place, but one day I will go back to discover more treasures of Rome and not only. All Italy is full of places to visit and explore…

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