Ararat, the Giant Pride

It was a usual day in April, seems nothing special. Alarm ringed at 7:30. Time to wake up. Time to go to work. But the weather was not that pleasant. The sky was closed with grey clouds and any time the rain could start. But didn’t.
The day started smooth, usual office related things.. But my plans were else this day. I had to work outside, somewhere near Khor Virap monastery, where Ararat mount shines with all its beauty usually. It was not supposed to happen this day, as it also was hidden in the clouds or fog. And I was sad about this, as this could change my day. But nobody knows what is prepared, what can change in a moment. 
It is not far From Yerevan, just 40 minutes by car. It was 11am. When we started the way, Ararat was still closed, but on the way I noticed that it started to be visible little by little. This brought a smile to my face. I love this road, to sit in the car and admire with the holy mountain all the way. Cannot look at something else. And that day I was following how the mountain was opening itself for me.
Here we reached the place. The place behind the monastery was like a desert. No any simple life could be seen except snakes. No any tree or a bush grows. Only sometimes small poppies and some other flowers shone under rare flowing sun rays. Bees started to fly over them. While we stood there and were working, clouds started to disappear. The sky was already blue. Sun started to shine with all its strength. Started to burn already, like in a hot summer day. To be honest, wasn’t that pleasant to stay inside the car for some hours and feel the heat. But would be worse to get out of it and burn under the sun. The only fact that was giving me positive vibes was the change of weather, the blue sky, shining sun and Ararat, clear Ararat, where the snow was also shining on the huge slopes of the great mountain. 
If I could, I would stay more here, so many memories visited me related to this place. So many feelings.. I love to be here any time, be so close to this great mountain, feel the mystery. 
But work is done, time to go back to Yerevan, to the office. Every time I leave this place, I start to miss it, every stone, every flower, every opened view.. 
This was a great day, not because of any success reached but because how everything happened. When I looked outside early morning and didn’t see the shade of mountain, I was sad, disappointed, but the day prepared a surprise for me: it opened the view right on that moment, when I was most close to it. And I was thankful. And I was happy.
Everything happens at the right time. Don’t lose the hope and magic will happen 🙂

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