Refreshing in Hankavan

Saturday morning, sky full of clouds, but the plan was to go out from the city, to breathe some fresh air. It’s supposed to be a short trip, but to one of the best places in Armenia, all green, full on forests and oxygen. Especially in June, when the grass is still fresh and not burnt from the burning rays of sun, this place shines in all beauty. A lot of resorts one by one are located in a place surrounded by mountains. The air is so different. Once you go out from the car, you want to fill your lungs with this air again and again. 
As already said, here you can see a lot of resorts, where you can stay alone or with family and will have the best service, the best food and the healthiest air. Also there are a lot of summer camps for kids, where kids can spend summer vacations meeting new friends while spending great time playing, hiking or just resting there. 
On the way to these resorts, near Meghradzor village, hidden in the forests, on the top of one of the hills, there is an old Chalcedonian monastery standing from 12th century, called Tezharuik. It’s also called Trdat’s church. Once you cross the bridge near the main road, you’ll see a path going uphill. It will take around 20-30 minutes to reach the place. The church was built in the 7th c. It is replaced a large pre-Christian temple on the site. Locals treat this place as a Tukh Manuk, bringing animals for matagh (sacrifice) and tying stsips of cloth on a “burning brush” near the entrance to the building. Until now you can see some cloths on a trees there. The monastery was enlarged during 12-13th cc. It was decorated in Orthodox style with frescoes painted on the walls. The monastery was destroyed during Mongol and Timurid invasions and of course, time did his work as well..
Tezharuik monastery
Near the monastery there are ruins of some buildings that were part of the complex at its time. There was an old sun clock right near the entrance. Some of graves of monks also were seen there. The walls of the monastery are curved with protruding rosettes, pomegranates, crosses. From outside they’re also decorated with couple of birds, an eagle, which was the symbol of Zakarian family.
At this moment Monastery and all possible ruins around are under reconstruction. 
Sun clock near Tezharuik m.
Worth to mention that Hankavan is also well known for its hot springs. There are some places, where you can pay and take baths with this water. There is also a river running through Hankavan and opens a view to a majestic Marmarik reservoir. The view to this place opens unexpectedly when you cross the bridge to reach one of the hotel resorts around and when you see this, you can’t just continue your way without stopping here at least for a minute to admire with the view.
Marmarik reservoir

 Despite the fact that was already mid of June, it was quite fresh in this area, even a bit cold. On the top of near based mountains there was still snow seen. The breeze was flowing from every side, every corner of surrounded mountains. It’s always a good idea to run out from the heat and come to this place, to cut off from everything connecting you with vanity of world, to feel the cleanest air, to refresh your mind and body, to be alone with yourself and your thoughts or just spend time with friends or family.

Yes, the company makes sense! If you go somewhere, be sure you’ll enjoy your time spent with whom you went 😉

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