Colorful Botanical Garden, Yerevan

Whenever you’d like to be in the nature, but you don’t have enough time or possibilities to go far, this place is exactly what you need.
Of course it’s not the best botanical garden in the world, even not the best place to go in Yerevan, but still, if you are in the city, but if you want to get some rest, a bit far from the streets, cards, buildings and feel the nature, you can visit it. This is a big park full of trees, paths, alleys and a small orangery. In the part every special tree, bush or a flower has a description with name and native place of grow. There are many different buildings inside the park, such as a special plant laboratory, a museum (which is closed), a big glass-wall orangery, which is also almost closed for visitors, but still you may see some plants from the windows and a small orangery, where only 1 room is open for visitors. Here are the most beautiful collections of the park. In this small building you may find a Banana tree, Coffee tree, beautiful Passiflora, a small tree of “Budda’s hand”, a giant Monstera with flowers and fruits, Mimosa, different kind of cactuses and much more fruit trees and plants with and without flowers and fruits on them.

Inside the park there are special areas for specific kind of flowers, such as roses. Beautiful roses. White, pink, red, etc. You may sit near them, under the trees, on the benches and listen to the song of the birds. Or you may take a blanket with you, lay it on the ground, on the green and soft grass, and stay on it for reading, relaxing or even sleeping. During the summer there are lots of groups or families in the park spending their time “on the nature”. You’ll see here lots of kids or young people riding a bicycle, jogging or just sitting in the shade.

As for me, every season is great for visiting Yerevan’s Botanical Garden. In spring, especially in May, when the weather is great, sun doesn’t burn yet and is already not cold, garden is full of colorful flowers, which spread their smell all over. In summer you may come here to hide yourself from the heat, as trees everywhere are the best “umbrellas” and sources of oxygen. What about fall?!.. This is a small fairy tale in the city. In October, when the leafs start to change their color and fall down, the park becomes a colorful place, where in every corner you may wonder how the nature is amazing. All over trees and bushes change their color to yellow or red, and there are still some green trees seen. And between those colorful bunch of leafs you’ll still find some flowers blooming and making a special atmosphere. What to say about the park in winter? Considering the fact, that it’s really cold in Yerevan during winter time, even if there is not always snowy, I don’t think there are much people going there as on other seasons. And I can assume how beautiful it may be after a heavy snowfall, without human touches. Another kind of tale!

Actually it’s one of the most favorite places for photographers. You can always see people taking pictures of the nature or making photo-shoots of kids, women or couples.  And it’s really a good place for photography. I also always take my camera with me and try to take couple of nice shots. Really inspiring!

Whenever you don’t know what to do, keep calm, go to Botanical garden 🙂
Recommended for adults, kids, everyone!

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