Bavarian Castle Pass: Is It a Good Deal?

If you’re going to Germany and planning to stay somewhere in Bavaria and if you’re going to visit some of the Bavarian Castles, then this article is just for you! I’m going to tell you how you can save on your sightseeing tours visiting marvelous castles in Bavaria using a simple trick.
There is a great organization called Bavarian Palace Administration which is one of the largest public authorities responsible for museums in Germany and manages 45 palaces, castles and residences. They made a great opportunity for Palace visitors to enjoy over 40 castles and residences, 32 historical gardens and 21 lakes in more than 30 locations inside Bavaria.

Just a quick reminder on how to save on public transport while traveling in Bavaria: Use a Bayern Ticket if you travel by train inside Bavaria or even to Salzburg, S-Bahn servies if you take a train to some close destination to Munich like Starnbergen See or Schleissheim Palace or buy simple Isar Cards to use any public transport in Munich only.

Depends on your stay, you can buy an annual season ticket (valid for one year) or 14 day ticket (valid for 14 days). Both tickets’ validity counts start on the first visit day. You can have 3 options on howto buy the tickets: 
  1. Ask for annual season tickets or 14 day tickets at the ticket offices in all palaces, castles and other sights (excluding the King’s House on Schachen and Dachau Palace)
  2. Buy the tickets at the Infopoint Museen & Schlösser in Bayern, address: Alter Hof 1 80331 München
  3. Buy at online bookshop of Bavarian Palace Administration.
Please note, that tickets are not transferable and are only valid for the user/users entered on them. When you buy them, you’ll have to sign on your ticket (in case of partner or family tickets it must be signed by both users) and at any cash desk you may be asked for an identity document with a photo to prove it’s your Pass. The annual family tickets are valid for two adults and their children, who must be under 18 years of age. But if you’re visiting castles just you (as an adult) and your child under the age of 18, you can buy just a single pass, as children under the age of 18 don’t need their own annual or 14-day tickets because of free admission on those palaces. You will just need to ask for a free children’s entrance ticket at the cash desk while taking your free ticket there. Yes, despite of the fact that you already have a pass, you need to stay on a queue (small or big depends on the castle) and ask for your ticket on a cash desk, showing your pass. You’ll be given a usual ticket with 0eur price printed on it.
Let’s see how much those passes cost so you can decide which option is best for you if you’re going for sightseeing alone or with a partner/family.
Prices for Annual Season Tickets are the following:
45 euros for a single person 
75 euros for a family or two partners 
While 14-day tickets costs are:
26 euros for a single person 
48 euros for a family or two partners
Except those 2 passes you can also buy a “Königsschlösser” combination ticket which includes King Ludwig II’s palaces: Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee. This is a great option if you just want to see Ludwig II’s highlights. But note that this ticket is valid for six months and you can visit each of the palaces only once. The price of this combo ticket is 26 eur which is still a good deal considering that if you buy all mentioned 3 castle tickets separately you’d pay around 32 eur total.
Check out the list of sights that can be visited with an annual season ticket or a 14-day ticket in Bavarian Palace Department brochure. You can also use this great interactive map of various palaces, castles and residences to see where they are located, simply click on each of them to see a short description of each site, its location, entry fees (in case you want to visit that sight only), and opening times. The same kind of maps you can have for Court Gardens, Palace Parks, Landscape Gardens and for the lakes in Bavaria.
Now let’s see on my own experience if I managed to save something on my trip 😉
I was planning a trip to Munich for 2 weeks and was going to travel a bit as well. And I’m kind of obsessed with castles, I started to check them before my trip to prepare a small planning of which castles I’d need to visit with no doubts. During my research I found out the Bavarian Palace Administration web site, where everything was explained in details (small history of each place with pictures, admission fees, opening hours, etc.). I decided to buy a 14 day ticket for single person and payed 26 euros for this. Here is the list of castles, palaces and museums that I managed to visit during my trip. 
As you see, If I bought every ticket separately, I’d pay 71 euros. Better would be if I get a combination tickets for some of them. This would make me to pay 60 euros. But for sure this is far from 26 euros! So, as you see, I have 45 euros saved. Not bad, huh? 😜
I hope this article will help you too to make a proper planning of your next trip and you can save some money on your public transport tickets as well as on castle visits. Feel free to share this tips with your friends who live in Germany or is going to travel there soon!

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