Our Small Eurotrip: Overview

Sometimes there are people, who cannot stay in one place for a long time. Traveling is like an oxygen, mandatory part of their life, and they need to go somewhere to explore new destinations, doesn’t matter it’s close to the place they live or in another country. I think I’m also one of those. And this time the biggest plan of the year (better to say how to end they year and start the new one) was to do a short Euro-trip, that included 2 countries, Hungary and Italy. The plan was to celebrate New Year Eve in a new country, to see how others spend this day, have fun with them in the same way as they do. So, the planning was started already in the summer: destinations were decided, approximate dates as well. In early September flight tickets were also booked. The next step was to book a hotel or an apartment, which was also done after long-long searching. Honestly, was hard to choose. But as we’re going on Christmas/New Year times, prices were getting higher and best options were ending soon. So we decided to book apartments in both countries, in the main cities that we’d stay – Budapest and Milan. And now, when all main steps were completed, the only thing that we could do is to start a countdown for the first flight and make a good plan for each place, to know exactly what we need to see, what is a must, what we should never miss and how to organize our days in every place. This took more time, as we had to search for all “must see” places and “to do” lists and check each of them separately, to make sure are they really worth to visit or we may do something better instead. And the plan was made, a great plan, for each of the days.

And the day came. Time to pack the backpacks and start the journey.

As we’re flying with low cost airlines, which doesn’t have flights to Armenia, but offers services in Georgia, Kutaisi, we had to drive there. The road was long, in a cold winter day. In about 5 hours of driving we reached Tbilisi, a beautiful city in Georgia. All the main streets were lightened up with Christmas mood, the great Christmas tree was standing on the main Liberty Square, from where we had to change the car, take a bus, which will also take us to the airport in Kutaisi. Another 4 hours of drive and here we are, in the small airport, where people had to sit on the floor, as the sitting places were not enough for that much travelers. If you ever fly from here, take in mind, that you might stay hungry (as I didn’t see any food court in here) and if your battery on mobile is “dying”, there is only 1-2 free spot available to recharge, with a huge queue of people waiting for it… Few more crazy hours spent in the airport before the check-in started and we got out from here! Fun time is getting closer ๐Ÿ™‚
Usually it’s quite cold at this time of the year in Budapest, but this time it met us with sunny pleasant weather. The home that we rented was in the heart of the city, in the city center. We arrive home early morning. The streets were almost empty, quiet. Only few people were walking with no rush. We left the luggage and started exploring the surrounding area first. Every building, every street was beautiful, we were walking and admiring all the time with every single step. Right next to our house there was the main Christmas Market, better to say the beginning of it, because it seemed endless. Once some part of it was ending, another one was seen on the next street. Everywhere was the spirit of Christmas: music, fun, lot of accessories, cups and plates with national paintings, Christmas decorations. The choice was too big to select something to buy. On the other hand, right in the middle of the market there were many places, where you could buy different kind of food, made in front of you, starting from simple fried or boiled potatoes, spicy sausages until traditional goulash soup served right inside the pan-stile bread and sweets… ohhh sweets are just awesome. First one that we noticed was the strange hot bread, that almost everybody was holding in hands. It’s called Kurtoskalacs. Made on fire, like a barbecue. Why not to try? We tried. And we wanted again, more, with different flavors. Mmmm this was tasty.
We spent 4 days in Budapest walking all day long, almost from dusk till dawn. Of course we were getting tired, but there was no time for rest. We had to see a lot, even 4 days weren’t enough for this beautiful city. But even during this short time we could manage to see all the main places, that everybody must see in Budapest, starting from the famous majestic Parliament house, beautiful Fisherman’s bastion, great Castle hill, fairy gardens of Vajdahunyad castle and ending with watching the sunset over the lovely city from the top of the Budda hill. But time’s up and we are flying to our next destination, to Milan ๐Ÿ™‚

And here we are, in the fashion center of the world, one of the biggest cities in Italy. Here also the weather was nice, no snow, no wind, just a perfect weather to walk. Again, first we had to leave the luggage and then go out, to the first closest place to see. And the first place was the most modern part of the city, with tall buildings with big shining windows, and a small Christmas market around. After spending some hours in the city walking we had to go back home for rest, as all of us were tired after sleepless night and an early flight. For the evening plan was to go to the center, where was the New Year party planned on the main square near Duomo. It was full of people from all over the world, came for the concert and New Year celebration. The concert was really nice, but the worst part of these days before and after New Year Eve was that all markets and restaurants were closed, almost all. We had to walk over all possible streets to find something open, where we could eat something… But it’s OK, McDonalds’ always helps :))
During those 4 days we also had a small day trip to Genoa, one of the old seaport cities of Italy. This was something totally different than Milan, with narrow streets, all lightened with Christmas decorations. Streets were full of tourists and local people walking or sitting close to the sea and enjoying sun. I only regret that we didn’t have much time to spend here, as the bus back wouldn’t wait for us..

But every holiday is ending. Days are never enough for vacations, especially if you spend them in a new country, or even countries. But those days must be spend in a full way, not to miss a minute to explore a new place, new destination, new life.

What did I see in those cities during these 8 days? Well, it’s a long story, which I will tell you in a near future with all details and a big big photo history ๐Ÿ˜‰
Promise, it’d be interesting!

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