Walking in Prague

That was many years ago, when I had a business trip to Paris. At that time I wasn’t planning any trip myself, wasn’t thinking of new places to visit next and even couldn’t imagine, that very soon I will have my travel blog, which will be based on my own trips! But during this trip … More Walking in Prague

Where Next?

All of us think about vacations, trips and destinations. But it’s always hard to find the best place that fits all our needs. Every place on this planet deserves our attention, but not everywhere we can find what we look for.  Destinations always change with our preferences, with the company (whether you go with family, … More Where Next?

How to Spend a Day in Cassel and Nearby

If the South of France is admiring us with its breathtaking coastline cities, beaches and nature, then North of France is rich with historical towns, full of monuments and memorials reminding us about World War II times. The region we’ll be travelling today will be in historical French Flanders, which lies in the modern-day region of … More How to Spend a Day in Cassel and Nearby

Paris, City of Love

Before I traveled first time to Paris, I was never dreaming about being there, and people were thinking that I’m crazy. Once I stepped on the streets of this dream city, I fell in love, I felt it as a second home, where I was feeling secure and excited. And after the short stay when … More Paris, City of Love

Magical Verdon

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to travel. She was a dreamer. And one of her dreams was to travel the world, to see all the beauty of it. This World was too big to travel everywhere, but any place she went was perfect in its way and she was enjoying … More Magical Verdon