Must Visit Places in February: Carnivals, Festivals, Events

If you’re still thinking of where to go in February to have some fun except sightseeing trips, here is a list of countries/cities to consider.

Probably one of the most famous festivals happening in the world is the great Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If you still don’t know what is this (which I mind), this is a yearly party celebrated in Brazil. If you want to see how samba schools are showing their dances and amazing decorations, you can buy tickets to watch all this beauty at Sambadrome, but be aware that tickets are not cheap. But you can just walk on the streets and feel all the spirit of this amazing event around, as everyone is celebrating it in every corner of the city.
Dates of Brazilian Carnival in 2020 are from 21st to 29th February.
Location: Mainly concentrated in Rio de Janeiro, but happening almost everywhere in Brazil.

Another not less well known event is happening in Italy, which is Venice Carnival. It was officially recorded in 1268 and after that this Carnival became one of the most magical events, which was mostly well known for its unique masks where each of them has their own history. Keep your camera on, you will make dozens of pictures from Masquerade!
Dates saved for this colorful event are 8th – 25th February.
Location: Venice, all the streets, squares and canals.

Call for all fashion lovers! Looking for something glamorous? Then except buying a ticket to London, UK, you should also be ready to buy standard (£135.00) or VIP (£245.00) tickets to attend London Fashion Week, which is happening twice a year, in February and September.
Dates for this great event are saved from 14th – 18th February.
Location: The Store X London, 180 Strand London, WC2R 1EA, United Kingdom.

Another Carnival is happening in Cologne, Germany. During 6 “Crazy Days” the city becomes a home for celebrations, songs and dances, parades and fun. This event has actually the same meaning as Carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and Venice – marks the beginning of the Lent period and continued until Ash Wednesday.
Dates for this fun days are saved for 20th – 26th February.
Location: All streets & squares, pubs, restaurants and halls in Cologne.

But this is not the only fest happening in Germany during February. If you visit Berlin, you can attend Berlin Film Festival (aka Berlinale). On February 20th there will be Opening Ceremony of the 70th Berlin International Film Festival! This is one of the largest public film festivals in the world and you can see here new rising talents or already big stars. So don’t miss your chance 😉
Dates are saved from 20th February – 1st March.
Location: Berlinale Palast (Theater at Potsdamer Platz), Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1, 10785 Berlin, Germany

And the last, but not least: If you’re still in a mood of New Year celebrations, it’s time to visit China, as they celebrate Chinese New Year starting from January 25th and the festival of the Lunar Year will last to February 8th with the Spring Lantern Carnival. Go out the streets to see fantastic lantern displays, cultural performances, lion dances and much more!
Date for this amazing demonstrations is set for 8th of February.
Location: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, Tsim Sha Tsui.

I believe you could find one or more of those events close to your preferences and will have lots of fun during coming February. Share your thoughts and experiences in comments to show how you plan your trips on February!

P.S. And again, no any picture from this post is mine, unfortunately.

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