Travel Tips: Photography, Hot Weather, Culture etc.

In this section of traveling tips I will describe what you’d need to know if you plan your trip with kids or diabetes, if you go to a summer holiday and plan to stay in a hot climate area, what you should know to avoid culture shock in some countries while travelling and what to take with you if you want to make great photo-shoots.

First of all, one of very important things to do before you travel is to have a Medical Travel Insurance. What you’d do if you get sick while traveling in another country or would need an emergency help? If you have Insurance, it will help you to find a way easier. In case you are in a hospital, contact your travel insurance company and they will cover all costs with the hospital. Sometimes this is very helpful, especially when you might need some high costed services. In case of need, insurance company can support you to fly back home in a special conditions.

If you’re flying with diabetes, you should wear medical alert jewelry and/or carry a medical identification card, declaring that you ave diabetes.

  • It’s quite important to monitor your blood sugar level frequently while in the air and correct as needed.
  • Pack far more medical supplies than you think you’ll need.
  • Learn words related to diabetes in other languages. 
  • If you wear diabetes devices, opt out of body scanners in airport security; request a pat-down security check instead to help avoid any potential issues. Bring a back-up pump.

If you’re traveling with kids, get to the airport earlier than usual.

  • Skip early boarding. You will have less plane time, which is better.
  • Bring empty sippy cups to fill them with water after security check. 
  • Take some snacks as kids will ask to eat more often than you think. 
  • Don’t forget their favorite games. If you have a long flight or a layover, games will help them and you too to shorten the time.
  • And last but not the least, have fun with kids, play, sing, joke and enjoy!
Summertime is the best season to spend vacations on the beach, explore new destinations and take a tan. Holidaying in a tropical climate offers the temptations of sun, beaches, the excitement of water sports and boat trips. Here are some useful tips to help you stay cool, comfy and healthy.
  • Eat spicy food, as the spices make the body sweat and will give a cooling effect after.
  • Get out early. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the place at the coolest time of the day.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout a day and try to use less alcohol as it cause you to dehydrate faster.
  • After a day of sightseeing and exploring the area under the sun, is worth to have a cool shower.
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen with higher SPF. Protect your eyes with sunglasses and a hat.

If you are planning to take some breathtaking photo shoots, make sure nothing is left from your travel’s checklist.

  • Main items: Cameras, lenses, speed light, laptop with power cord and ext. drive, image processing software, tripod/mono-pod
  • Foul weather: Plastic bag (camera), lightweight rain poncho
  • Must have supplies: Battery chargers and spare batteries, batteries for your speed light, memory cards, in camera + spare, lens cleaners, USB camera cables, remote cable, camera manual/downloaded
  • Others: Travel plug adapter, Smartphone
Finally, before visiting any country, try to collect some cultural information about it by reading, asking, googling. You might even not notice that you do something wrong that is not acceptable by their culture.

  • For example, in some countries like India, Nepal or Australia, you should ask for a permission to take a photo of people. Some people believe that camera takes a part of their soul with it. 
  • For the same India, when you visiting a temple, you should cover up your legs and arms and remove your shoes before entering. 
  • Almost the same is in Russia, Ukraine and other Orthodox countries (legs and shoulders must be covered up). 
  • Always use a knife and fork in Norway. Table manners are extremely important!
  • If you’re flying to Poland, don’t be surprised if the people start to applause to the pilot upon the plane landing. It’s quite common!
  • Don’t ask your server to top your seafood with cheese. It’s considered a cardinal sin to mix fish and Parmesan.
  • Don’t wear a purple lipstick in Brazil, as it’s associated with funeral. Nevertheless, purple is acceptable with clothing and accessories.
  • Don’t be shocked if you see someone farting in a public place in Canada! In some Inuit cultures it’s an act of appreciation to fart after a meal.

I could give you more examples of what kind of strange habits people have in some other countries, but I’d let you discover them yourself ))
But whatever you hear or see with your eyes, respect their culture and follow the rules. It’s for your safety too.

Dream, plan, realize and enjoy!

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