Fun Time in Aghveran

The road, long and endless, hard or easy, doesn’t matter where it takes, it always inspires. Every time it brings new views, emotions, memories. This time it took to one of the cutest corners of Armenia with the name of Aghveran. It’s around 1 hour way from Yerevan, in fact very similar with Hankavan, also full of resorts, hotels and guest houses. But is also full of private areas, where you can just “rent” a place to spend time, but you will have almost all that you need: table & chairs under a roof, water & toilet (not the best, but still available), kids’ place to play and of course a running river and fresh air from surrounded forests.

The weather is always calm. Even if the sun will burn in the cities, here it’s soft, sometimes even a bit cold in the mornings and evenings. Probably it’s because of the surrounded mountains and forests. Usually people come here with families or group of friends and spend all day in open air, having parties, fun or just relaxing under the trees, on the grass, watching to the sky or admiring with colorful flowers and lots of butterflies. In some of the resorts there are pools available, where you can refresh yourself. Or you can just take a ball with you and play a football or volleyball. Actually all the resorts are very comfortable for any kind of activity. But what brings more satisfaction is the air, full of fresh and clear oxygen, that comes from the forests, that are all around. The feeling is totally different than in the city: no dust, no noise, just a peaceful nature.

Time always pass quickly in the nature, especially when you’re with a good company of people. Of course, it’s always better to stay late, to make fire, sit around and tell stories all night long, but it’s not always possible, sometimes just need to come back to the crazy city before the sun goes down. But even like that, that’s worth it! Nothing can be compared with the well spent time, when all is included: good friends, fresh air, fun, relax and new made memories.

Appreciate the real values, appreciate the life!

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