Trip to France: Overview

Bonjour 😏
It’s been a long time I was dreaming about another trip to France and when there was a chance to travel somewhere I couldn’t resist and bought my tickets to this amazingly perfect country. But this trip wasn’t much similar to all others that I had before. Usually I plan my days, at least I mark the general places to visit and leave the other places to be discovered by chance. But now I only knew to which airport shall I fly and from which one will come back. The reason was that my dearest friends, who live in France, planned everything instead of me and this was kind of a surprise for me where would we go. I knew that we’re going to travel a lot, in different places, but that I will have such emotional trip, I couldn’t realize.
I was traveling light, means with a small hand luggage only. This is easy way to have the lowest cost for the flight ticket in a summer season, when you don’t need much cloths to carry. I was going to spend here around 10 days, and actually my small backpack was quite enough for some cloths, other daily stuff and some chocolates for friends. So this was ok for me. But if you also are going to take the basic economy tickets, check the baggage allowance carefully, as any airlines have their own rules for this. For example I flew to Marseilles via Paris with AirFrance, they allow to have hand luggage of 12kg and you can still have an additional accessory (camera, laptop, etc.). And regardless of your ticket type they serve a usual meal according to the flight time to each passenger.
But for the flight back I had tickets from Pegasus Airlines, which allowed to have a hand luggage for only 8kg, without any accessory and any meal on board. 
Also make sure you’re resistant for long connections in the airports. Of course, if you have visa to enter the connecting country and spend your free time over there, to see some nice places around, that’s always better. But if you have just 4-5 hours, it’s better to stay in the airport in order not to miss your next flight. But this kind of waiting sometime “kills”, especially when you’re traveling alone. You can always start a conversation with someone, to meet new people, or to watch a movie on your devices, but when you look around, you’ll see how bored and sleepy the most of the people are. So I was one of them during my 5 hours connection in Istanbul.
When you’re in France and want to travel a lot of places, the best way is to use a car, so you can start your day and come back at any time you wish. The reason is that in some small towns the public transport works quite well, but for limited hours. And sometimes you have to take a bus home around 8pm, because after there will be no bus on that day. But if you plan to come back earlier, bus or a train are the best options. For this you can check all the prices online, but there is something hidden here. Sometimes directly in the train stations you can check the tickets in place and find out that there are much cheaper options available that are not shown on online resources. If you have time, it’s better to check like this. 
From my experience I can say that both buses and trains are enough comfortable for short or long distance trips. So it’s up to you which one to choose, considering the prices and the travel time. But make sure that if you’re taking a bus, always say “hello” and “thanks, bye” (preferable in French) to the bus driver, as this is one of the best cultural notes I’ve had there, and is actually quite nice and polite! I’m sure, drivers appreciate you πŸ˜‰
In general, I had a pretty nice trip to different regions of France. The weather wasn’t always pleasant and tried to ruin some plans, but we were against it and had everything re-planned and still had a nice time there. Nothing can stop a real traveler 😎 
The experience was very different in every place, somewhere light walking and sightseeing, somewhere hiking for mesmerizing views, somewhere relaxing in the nature with a nice book or visiting museums. But each day was full of various feelings and emotions, not comparable to each other. I wish I could have more time to spend there, but as always, time is never enough, especially when you travel.. 
In this article I gave a small overview of my trip and then, as usual, I will give you more details about each place visited in another posts, which will follow shortly. Stay tuned 😍

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