DayTrip to Starnberg Lake: Facts & Tips

There are so many small and big lakes in Bavaria and each of them is worth to visit. One could be good for stunning views to the Alps, another one for tanning on the beaches, some of them offers historical landmarks, others may combine  these all. In one of my previous posts I’ve already shared how to spend a day in Lindau, which is a port-island on Constance (Bodensee) lake. But if you don’t have a full day but still want to go for a chilly time to spend near the lake, you can just get in the train and go to one of the closest lakes near you. 
In our case we had some hours in the morning, and as the weather was on our side as well only on morning time, we decided to go to Starnberg this time. As this was really close to Munich (something like 30km, which took around 30 minutes by train), we used S-Bahn service with a daily XXL ticket (S6 line, destination Tutzing).

TIP: If you’re travelling alone, you can buy a single day Munich XXL ticket which will be valid for one person for any number of trips in the selected area of ​​validity until 6am of the following day. This will cost you €8.90. Considering that only one way single trip ticket price is 5.80, this unlimited single pass is much better. But if you’re travelling with a group up to 5 persons (adults), better to buy a group ticket for €16.10. As you see, you have a little saving here! You can buy your tickets online and print it later or at the ticketing machines in any station.

This is a small town near the Starnberger See lake and probably has some activities to offer to tourists. There is a tourist information center here where you can get a full information on what can be done/seen here. I can’t give much details on this, but you can walk to the Viaduct over the moat to have a nice view of the lake and surroundings or check the Museum Lake to learn more about the lake life.

This time we didn’t go for sightseeing but spent some lazy time on a pier. It was morning time, quite windy and the bars near the lake still were not open. So the best place to feel sun on our skins was the small pier. Time to time sun was hiding behind the clouds and cold wind was making us feel freezing sometimes. We also decided to hide somewhere and the best option was probably the boat. Here you’ll see small, as well as big ships, which does 1-2h tour on the lake, stopping on several places, so you can get off/in anytime you want or use this as a water transport. Our ship wasn’t the biggest one and we had 1h to spend on the water. First we went on the second floor to have open air view, but in 15 minutes we understood – this wasn’t the best decision. The wind was too strong and cold. So we went down and had a warm place to sit near the window. And suddenly the rain started and waves became bigger and bigger. The ship was swaying quite strong but the view from the window became more interesting: those waves made the change. 

During the tour we stopped in 4-5 places, every time taking new passengers on board. Before each stop personnel announced the next destination and what kind of interesting places can be found here. If not this rain, maybe we could also check them out one by one. But no, better to keep dry 😁

One of the most interesting things we saw from our windows was a church hiding inside the forest near Berg. This turns out was the Votive chapel St. Louis, which was built as a memorial to the legendary king of Bavaria Ludwig II, whose dead body was found in this lake. A wooden cross marks the place in the lake. The construction of this memorial started only in 10 years after kings death, at 1896 and was completed in 4 years. When you see this chapel, you’ll never thing this is one of the German chapels, as it has a Romanesque style and is executed as a dome building. We’ll never know the reason as it’s not confirmed who has completed the construction of chapel. Every year on the Sunday after the 13th of June, the day of the death, a commemoration ceremony takes place in this chapel.

On the way back there were many floats, probably training or making a competition as people on them were wearing blue and red coats – seems they were divided into two teams. Look at this “black water”.. not the rain, not the waves stopped those sailors. Yes.. my photos aren’t the best, but sorry, couldn’t take better ones from this side of window 😞

Once the ship stopped on the final destination, we ran to the train station (luckily it was just in a few steps) and took the train back home. So, if you’re lucky with the weather and want to have even a nice sunset, take a train, come to Starnberg and enjoy your time drinking some cocktails or eating an Italian ice-cream on the beach. 

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