Easy Day Trips from Munich

Munich is a great starting point to plan day trips all around Bavaria and not only. There are a lot of amazing destination to take a trip and spend a day, but I will share with you the destinations that I’ve been and can say that each of them was worth it. Still have some more places kept in my mind for the next trip, but let’s start our journey 😉

Neuschwanstein Castle
This is probably the most famous castle that every romantic person dreams to visit. Indeed it looks magnificent, with scenic views of snowy Alps and valleys. If you’re not that kind of person, who likes to take ready tours organised by different agencies, you can always plan your visit yourself. First, if you are traveling not alone, then I’d recommend to buy a Bayern Ticket which will help you to save a lot on transportation costs. Take a regular train that runs after 9am to Füssen then a bus to Hohenschwangau village. If you have enough time, visit also Hohenschwangau Castle and Museum of the Bavarian Kings. Otherwise spend some time near the Alpsee lake and enjoy the view. In case you can plan a 2 day trip, you can visit all those places without rush and also stroll in vibrant town of Füssen before going back.

This is another great place that I’d recommend you to visit. It is not much well known as Neuschwanstein, but it’s worth your attention. A beautiful city, where you can visit 2 royal buildings in one day. Because of lack of time I didn’t visit Marienberg Fortress, but Würzburg Residence is something special. To tell you in advance, be ready for scenic decorations inside the Residence. Note that you will need to ask for special permission in advance (via email on Bavarian Palace Administration site) for taking pictures, even with your mobile phone.

Schleissheim Palace
Continuing the subject of Royal Palaces, here is another one, very close to Munich but which needs a full day to spend around. Here is Schleissheim Palace complex located in the village of Oberschleißheim. Visit all 3 palaces and the museums, that are decorated in baroque style, have beautiful galleries and different expositions. Enjoy your day in court gardens which are accessible for all visitors without any fee.

Bavarian Castle Pass
If you are planning to visit more than 2 castles in Bavaria, my recommendation is to buy a special pass. With this ticket you can visit around 45 palaces and castles in Bavaria for free and you will see how big savings you can have after!

Lindau Bodensee
Now let’s go somewhere nice and quiet. A beautiful town of Lindau, where you can stroll in vibrant streets of Old Town, enjoy a tasty Italian gelato on the small port of Constance Lake or even climb up the old Lighthouse and admire the view of the town. Take a boat or train to another beautiful town called Friedrichshafen for a tasty lunch, refreshing beer or a sunbath on a small beach.

Another lake that you can visit easily with public transport from Munich is Starnberg, which is full of interesting stories and legends. 30 minutes by train, and here you are, Starnberger See with all its beauty. Take a boat trip and enjoy a 1-2h ride on the lake. Look around and you will see so many interesting landmarks that are full of history. Be sure it’s not a rainy or windy day, otherwise you will have to stay inside the boat. On a sunny day it’s also good to have an ice-cream or some cocktails on any bars near the lake. Perfect place for a relaxing day.

Here is another well known touristic destinations, city of Nuremberg, where you can have the famous sausages and tastiest beer. But before thinking of eating or drinking something, take a walk in Handwerkerhof medieval shopping area, visit Kaiserburg Royal Palace, discover Old Town and its cathedrals, museums and old canals. Take a walk in Konigstrasse, which is the main walking street in Nuremberg with all main attractions to visit around.

And the last, but not least, a beautiful city in Austria, Salzburg. Yes, yes, don’t be surprised. You can plan a day-trip to Salzburg using the same Bayern Ticket from Munich. Wonderful city, with a lot of green parks and palaces. Start your visit with Mirabell Palace and Gardens, cross the river to rest a bit in Mozart square and continue walking up to the hill to visit Fortress Hohensalzburg. Enjoy the view to the city from this high place and make sure you’re not late from your train back home, as the beautiful city can keep you staying here for hours without checking the time.

Where else have you been outside Munich in Bavaria? Share your stories or recommendations here in comments, I will be glad to check them and maybe to use on my next trips 😉

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