Munich Museums: How Much Shall We Pay?

Let’s speak a bit about some of the museums in Munich.
Of course there are a lot of museums here, that are dedicated to German or Bavarian history, some of them are royal palaces, some modern art museums, but today I want to tell you about others that marveled me not less.
I cannot make prioritization on which one is better, as all the museums I visited were totally different and adorable.  
Let me start my small museum tour from one of the most beautiful libraries in Germany. This is Municipal Law Library! It is located inside the Town Hall. Don’t mix it with the Law Library which will show you your Google Maps, as it will “send” you to the usual library inside the University. Entrance to this library for tourists is not allowed anymore as they say tourists were than people working there and made too much noise. So the administration decided to close it for tourists and have only few days during the year, when anyone can come in. Except those free days there are few more options to see this wonderful library. In order to get inside and take pictures you’ll need to take a guided tour of Town Hall. But if you are lucky, they will allow you to come in for few minutes without a tour, just after 4:30, once all workers will leave it.

Actually it’s not easy to find this library even in the building, if you don’t take a tour. I was wandering inside the building until found it. But once you get inside the town hall, take a look on the signs on walls. Here you can see arrows showing some room numbers with mentioning important rooms’ directions. This way you can easily find the Library even if you entered from another side of the Town Hall. And why not, walking here won’t disappoint you at all. Look at its architecture inside! Don’t miss this marvelous place while visiting Munich!
Another free attraction, one of my favorites, that you can have in Munich is visiting BMW Welt. But don’t mix it with BMW museum. Both are located in the same area, starting from the same entrance, but for visiting BMW Welt you don’t need to pay any penny! Here you can see all the luxury cars and motorbike models, touch them, feel yourself as an owner (for some minutes only), take pictures, etc. 
Definitely this is a place worth to visit if you are a BMW lover. For sure, you’ll find your dream car here 😉 You can also buy some clothes or souvenirs from the branded shop inside the Welt or take a coffee and some snacks at a restaurant on the second floor. This is a huge building where you can stay for hours and admire with each of the cars, starting from the Mini Coopers, until Rolls-Royce, or motorbikes for any taste. Look at the size of the Welt, it’s the left side on the picture below. And on the right side there is the BMW Headquarter.. All in one place 🙂
But if you want to get more into details, you can always visit the BMW museum and take a plant tour! I believe this could be quite interesting as all the people who had visited the museum are highly recommending to check it. Here you can see some of the pictures from BMW Welt, as I couldn’t select just one for you.. 

 Guess which one is my favorite? 🧡🧡

Now let’s move forward and get acquainted with some art museums of Munich. And we start our tour from Alte (Old) Pinakothek. This is only one of the pinakothek museums of the complex. The other s are Pinakothek der Moderne (Modern Pinakothek) and Neue (New) Pinakothek. These both huge museums show the art of 19-20th centuries, while Old Pinakothek houses several thousand European paintings from the 13th to 18th centuries.

I promise each of the room with its paintings will inspire you, but make sure you don’t miss the art collections of Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt van Rijn, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and other much famous artists. For the Permanent exhibition admission fee is 7€, but you can pay just 1€ if you visit the museum on Sundays. For the Modern Pinakothek the admission fee is 10€, but still works the rule of 1€ fee on Sundays. Currently New Pinakothek is closed to the public for structural reasons. In case you’re planning to visit those museums, as well as Museum Brandhorst & Sammlung Schack galleries in a single day, I’d recommend to get a day pass for 12€, or a 5-visit pass (probably for not selected dates) for 29€. Again, this will give you some savings on your visits!

So, let’s move on and see something interesting not related to Germany at all! First of all this is Egypt Museum, which is actually not very far from the Alte Pinakothek and can be visited in the same day (as I did). It was a bit hard to find this museum as there was no any sign showing the direction to the entrance. I was not alone in this searching. Some other people were also asking locals to show where is the exact entrance to the museum, as it was a simple building, with non much information on it. Finally decided to take the steps down and ask people inside the building (underground). It turned out that I entered the museum itself!

Tip: This is how the museum building looks like. Once you see this strange man statue with strange red thing (seems like a blood, no?), look a bit right and go down the stairs. By the way, look for the continuation of this red thing inside the museum 😜

The cashier, very pleasant man, gave the tickets, a booklet and some instructions not to be lost in the museum. Yes, this wasn’t a mistyping, you really need to follow the line, drawn on the floor, to take an exact way from one exhibition room to another, otherwise you’ll need to come back and turn again all the time! This was indeed an interesting museum to visit, to see all those Egyptian manuscripts curved on the huge stones, the sculptures of Egyptian Gods and pharaohs, coffins and all other artifacts. If you love the ancient history, this place is just for you! The admission fee is again 7€, but the rule for 1€ ticket on Sundays works here as well 😉
And the last, but not least in our list of museums is the “Museum Fünf Kontinente” (“5 Continent Museum”). Here they display the commonalities and differences of civilizations from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Oceania, the Orient and Europe. You will see different exposition rooms with each civilization history. Look at the shapes of this building. It already says about all the interesting surprises waiting for you inside!
In some rooms the exhibits follow with music and moving puppets, some will give you a possibility to watch documentary movies about this part of the world. You can even sit or lay on a coach in a Persian theme room and relax for few minutes after a long visit. I cannot give any rating to this museum, as it’s kind of different from others. Surely anyone can find something interesting here. Admission fee is only 5€, but guess what? Come here on Sundays and pay again only 1€ for your visit!
Of course, Munich offers a very big variety of Museums for any interest and taste and this was the very short list of museums (not including any Royal Palace museum) that I’ve visited in Munich. Depends on your time availability you can choose whether you visit them on usual week day and pay regular price for the ticket (note that most of the museums are closed on Mondays!) or you spend your Sundays in the museums and pay just 1€ for the entrance to any of those museums. Whatever you decide, don’t skip visiting museums during your trip to Munich. Get closer to the art and history, save on the entrance tickets and enjoy your stay in the capital of Bavaria!

See you next time in another marvelous place 👌

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