Day Trip to Salzburg, City of Mozart

My trip to Germany wasn’t limited with sightseeing inside one city only. We traveled as much places as possible within Bavaria and as much as the weather allowed us. There were some places already planned, which we had to skip because of unplanned cold and rainy days. But most of the places (and even more) that were in my mind to visit, were visited.
Being so close to Salzburg and not to go there? No way! We had a great advantage to use simple Bayern Ticket to travel even to Salzburg! This was a direct train rout for about 3 hours, which ran very fast. Little by little the view from windows started to change. Behind the green valleys and forests started to appear Alps, great mountain range with breathtaking view. 1, 2, 3 and here we are, in the central station of Salzburg. It was cold and windy. Some rain drops were making the ground wet. But when it stopped us? Quickly checked the direction on where shall we take the way and started to walk. When you google “What to see in Salzburg”, the first picture that you’ll see is the Mirabell Palace & gardens, so this was also our first destination.
It was still quite early, some people probably were only waking up at that time, or having their breakfast, but we, as many other people, were already here. On the entrance of the gardens, right after the gates, there were 2 horse monuments.. I mean they were unicorns πŸ¦„… Big and beautiful! Don’t know should we make a wish or not? πŸ€” But those were not the only horses here. In front of the Palace there was also a Pegasus “flying”. This was nice πŸ™‚ We entered the building. On the floor of the hall there was a map of the city with a spot of our current place. On both sides there were doors to some halls, which were closed. In front of us was a small garden, which had another entrance from the street side. Nothing special to be honest. But between this garden and the main hall there was a small white corridor with steps going up. A lot of people in national dresses were here. We were curious and took this steps to see what’s going around. It turned out that there was a Marble Hall upstairs which is used as a wedding ceremony room. One after another couples were entering her, getting married and coming out. And of course, if you are not a guest, the entrance was closed for you! Ok.. 
On the right side of the garden, just in front of the palace, there was another garden seen. This was something like a 2 floor garden area, which was still part of Mirabelgarten. On the upper side there were dwarf monuments standing in a round on small square stands. But one of those stands was empty, you can jump on it and pretend yourself one of those mysterious personages. And I did so 😜 
On the lower side it was a big green area with trees and playground for kids. But Also there was a monument standing hidden and it was Copernicus statue! Adjacent to the monument of Renaissance mathematician and astronomer there is a stone block inscribed with the following text (translated from German):

Nicolaus Copernicus
Doctor of spiritual law
Born in 1473 in Thorn / deceased
1543 in women’s Castle / East Prussia
Founder of the new astronomy
His teaching represents the sun
orbits of its planets
in the center of the universe
Statue of Josef Thorak 1889 – 1952

Not sure why his statue was here hidden from people’s eyes, I mean if you don’t go to the lower part of this garden, you might never know this famous and such important scientist’s statue is there.. 
Salzach river
But let’s continue our journey. The garden was really nice, with a lot of flowers and fountains, many other statues everywhere and smelly purple wisterias flowing from the walls. This could be a great place for a nice photoshoot, especially on a good weather. But at that moment the sky was covered with grey and white clouds. From the garden there was a nice view over a hill, where we were going to go. When we exited the garden from the other side gates and crossed the street, we reached one of the Mozart’s houses (in fact there were 2 of them in Salzburg).  This was the his former residence, but was more related to Wolfgang’s father Leopold, who was also a well known musician and composer. The house-museum where Wolfgang was born and raised was on the other side of the Salzach river. I hate when we are being limited with time and cannot enter such places, where 5 minutes won’t be enough to make a quick check.. so we skipped this and went to meet Mozart at the Mozartplats!
This was a nice square, with Mozart’s statue standing proudly in the middle of it. On the right side of the statue there was the Tourist Information Center, where young ladies were willing to help everyone showing all the main attractions to see on the map. In fact there were still a lot of things to see and do around Mozartplats: Salzburg museum featuring contemporary & 19th-century works by Salzburg artists, Michaelstor, Panorama Museum that boasts a circular painting of Salzburg in 1829 that guests can see through telescopes, Salzburg Residence and Residenzgallery, Petersfriedhof (Picturesque cemetery with baroque tombs of nobility as well as 12th-century catacombs & chapels), etc.
Here on the Residenzplatz, next to the Salzburg Residenz, there was Salzburg’s main domed Cathedral dating back to 17th century.
This was a large and bright cathedral, with beautiful carvings and frescoes on the walls and ceiling. But before becoming such an important landmark, it has a big history left behind. On the place of current cathedral there were 2 others before. The construction of the first one started in 774 by St. Vergilius and had 2 west towers. In 1167 the cathedral burned down. Then Archbishop Konrad III (1177-1183) built a vast Romanesque basilica with 110m length and had five towers. After a fire, it too was demolished in 1598. Current baroque building construction started in 1614 and is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
But this cathedral wasn’t only the beauty that you saw inside. It keeps also some secrets in underground crypt. It turned out that there are some rooms under the cathedral. Old steps took us down. Indeed there were old rooms, more close to cells. Each of them had different form and contained different things. In one of them there were old graves, this was a place of burial for deceased Salzburg archbishops. In another there was an old altar. But the third room we entered had some strange sculptural and acoustic illustrations: play of light an shadows, from the 12 puppet-style symbols attached to the walls to the moving shadow on another… Well, this was a bit (just a bit!) scary 😨
The weather changed and sun started to shy brightly in the blue sky. Wind almost stopped and we started to walk up to the hill, destination – Fortress Hohensalzburg, which is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe from 11th century. There were 2 ways to reach it: take a cable car or walk up the hill. We decided to walk and check all the path. We knew that we wouldn’t have enough time to enter the fortress, which was quite big and had several museums inside. That’s why we didn’t buy tickets in advance. But there were different type of tickets, depends on what exactly you wanted to be included. If you’re going to visit the fortress, you can buy your tickets at the Tourist Information Center or at the Cable car desk (cable car ticket will be included in the price). See all the options for the admission here
So, we waked up with a plan to walk around the fortress and not to enter any building, but once we reached the entrance, we were informed that no one is allowed to get in without ticket.. What a disappointment..  And all that we could do here was to take a sit on the ground and enjoy the adorable view from this hill to the great city. Anyway, our trip couldn’t be complete without such view! This became a tradition to find a good spot for a perfect view πŸ’–
Suddenly sky started to be filled with dark clouds and just in a 5 minutes a heavy rain started. We had an umbrella, but it didn’t help much as the rain drops were coming from everywhere and made us all wet from feet to head β˜”But again, nothing can stop us! We went down the hill and found a shop to enter (not planned any shopping but this would be the best option to avoid getting more wet (if that was possible 🀣). 5-10 minutes and rain almost stopped. We came out, walked more on the narrow old streets to the river. And as in almost every big city, here also we found a bridge full of locks on it. Clouds started to disappear as fast as they came, and the sky became blue again. We had a perfect view to the Hohensalzburg Fortress from the bridge. Some people found dry places to take a sit and look at this beauty, but we had to continue walking..
View to the Fortress Hohensalzburg
Here we are again back to the Mirabelgartens. With a blue (almost) clear sky it had totally different look, much better. All colors became more vibrant, the smell of wisterias was more impressive after the rain. People were more happy and hurried to take pictures on every corner of the garden. Seems no more weddings inside the palace, but some of the couples were still here: as I said, it’s a perfect place with perfect conditions for great photos!
We also didn’t lose a chance to take some more bright pictures here and decided to check what’s happening inside the palace, again. It was empty. The door to the Marble Hall was open, but not the entrance. The woman inside didn’t let us get in and said that if we want, we can check the room from that place, and even take pictures. Well, it was nice, but not WOW.. Still much better than any wedding ceremony room in federal buildings πŸ’’ So my advice, if you want to see this room, come here on the second half of the day, when all the ceremonies are finished.

Time pass so quick and after long day spent in this beautiful city it’s time to go back home. So pity that the direct train to Munich was leaving Salzburg so early.. That would be awesome to meet the sunset from the hill or drink some cocktails on one of the squares. Maybe it would be better to spend here another day, to visit all the castles and museums, but even this short day trip was a perfect idea. So, if you are in Munich (or somewhere in Bavaria), don’t miss your chance to cross the border and enjoy a wonderful day in this bright city.

See you next time in another place πŸ˜‰

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